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Well now that we've determined that you're willing to get your hands greasy again... sort of...

Your next choices are:

How fast do you want to go and do you plan on driving this thing all the time, or is it just a playtoy.

If you want to go monstrously fast, get a 350 block and start adding on pieces. There are tons of threads on this site to tell you how to achieve nearly every horsepower under the sun with a 350. Be prepared to pay big $$$$ and never drive it legally.

If you're looking for something moderate, you might consider a 350 with some addons like a good intake, better exhaust setup, etc... Once again. Tons of info at this site. Lots of people ask about what setup is best for a 350. Spend less $$$$ and still get to drive it but expect low gas mileage.

If you're looking to stay reasonable but still want some kick, maybe a 305 built up with some good heads, intake and an exhaust system will do it for you. You'll probably get better gas mileage if you go this route. You'll keep the low end torque just lose out on the high end usually. (I say usually because phenomenal things can be done with a 305.)

I just put a 350 in an old 77 El Camino. I personally didn't feel like taking the time to rebuild the engine myself so I found a rebuild shop that would build to my specs. I had them build me a 350 that should hit around 300-320hp give or take, and I paid around $1,300 and didn't have to give them a core. It was what most guys here would call a 'crate' motor. You might find a better deal - I'm sure if you shopped around more than I did you could.

You said in your earlier post that your car had the 3.1 - that's a V-6 isn't it? If so, you're going to face a lot of other issues such as transmission size, motor mount locations, radiator size, etc...

Once again, not insurmountable problems they just require the two magic things of hot-rods: time and money.

I'd search through the board here for topics on 305 vs 350, v6 to v8, Camaro, and even 92 Camaro... take notes and make a list of things that people say have to be done to swap the motor out.

Price out your stuff before you begin, and be sure to add a sizeable amount to that figure before you begin. For example, my new motor was around $1,300. But by the time I added a new intake, headers, exhaust system, waterpump, carb rebuild kit, transmission rebuild, valve covers, air cleaner, cap, rotor, distributor, engine hoist rental, etc... the cost was over $2,500.

The nice thing is that if you rebuild the engine yourself, you can buy a few pieces at a time as you can afford it and not shell all the money out in one large painful sum. You can even build up your new engine on the stand while driving your car around with the old one it it, until it's time to swap.

Let me know how it goes.

Check this thread out.

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