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Before i install if i could get a better cam choice

okay me and my dad just rebuilt a stock 400 for STREET DRIVING. took everything down to the pistons and changed the rings and rod bearings. its a 3951511 block I had picked up from a dude out in tue mountains who had it in his 4x4 mud truck.(after he got it from a circle track racer) <<< his mouth
when we took the block apart and checked the cylinder walls it was in near perfect condition no scratches no nada. the block is back together now with the stock bottom end. (wish I had of changed the pistons at least but o well 4 now. #dished. The heads have been heavily ported , valve job, and we have springs up above .500 lift ,althought I'm not sure exactly how high. ..annnnnnnnnnnnd secondly 2 lastly we have and rpm intake. and 750 qjet.
the part of this fairly stock 400 I want to get an opinion on is the cam thts in it. The # on the cam box indicate it 2 b SUMMITS k1107 CAM. which has a power band 3000-6500 in a 350. 292-302 advance 488/510 lift. hyd flat tappet.

KEEP IN MIND the block is put back together if anything I will get a new pair of heads over the winter if y'all want to give me a few opinions there 2. but ITS A STREET MOTOR. A DAILY DRIVER 34 roundtrips miles to work. 2.73 gears in the car since its on the HIGHWAY ALOT. we have a choice of a 2800 and 3200 stall or y'all can help me there 2. goin in front of a powerglide 4 now.

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