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BIGSKY 09-07-2007 08:26 AM

This beginner finds B/C easier than SS
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I finished restoring my Chevy truck this summer, painted it at home with single stage PPG Concept [picts in my gallery]. It was my first paint job. After cut & buff I am happy with it. This week I sprayed the body parts for a BMW motorcycle for a friend in base clear. The owner wanted a black pearl. I found a nice GM color that came in b/c.

In my reading here, I have read a few comments that beginners may have trouble getting SS to shoot flat, which I certainly did, and that b/c despite the extra step is likely easier for the non-skilled hobbyist. Well now that I have shot both I couldn't agree more.

Before I shot b/c I was worried about getting the clear to lay out nicely, but I think it is actually easier to get a nice finish with clear than the SS. I was surprised how much clear I could lay out without runs. It seemed like with SS there is a much finer line between the right amount and runs. On these bike parts my base is PPG DBC and I used DCU2002 clear.

First pict is base only, last two are after clear. I plan on cutting and buffing the tank, but the other 13 parts [yea, 14 pieces on one bike], can go out as sprayed!

Anyway, hanging out in this forum has helped me incredibly, and seeing clear on top of black pearl just made me want to post :D !

OneMoreTime 09-07-2007 10:17 AM

That is the absolute truth..I find that BC/CC is much easier to apply than single stage..and I see other fellows having good results with BC/CC on their projects..


Bee4Me 09-07-2007 10:56 AM

You know now that you made a BIG mistake don't you?

You picked up a paint gun...... :thumbup:

Looks good. Keep it up and you'll be doing flames next. Hehehe.
Mike K.

BIGSKY 09-07-2007 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by Bee4Me
Looks good. Keep it up and you'll be doing flames next. Hehehe.
Mike K.

Thanks Mike.

How did you know I was thinking about some flames? My plain red truck is just screaming for some nice ghost flames :cool: A little bit o' pearl, a couple coats of clear, oh man!

jcclark 09-07-2007 01:06 PM

Of course basecoat is easier,
even I can do it :thumbup:

Mrwood 09-07-2007 02:05 PM

re: This beginner finds B/C easier than SS
You did a great job as i can see. Keep it up.

BIGSKY 09-07-2007 10:18 PM

The client/friend came by to see the progress and is super happy with the color and the finish, so mission accomplished. Next up, actually charging for this hard, hard work :drool:!

Fwiw I have 52 hours into this bike between fixing the dented tank and paint, but I am sure it will be quicker the next time.

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