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nomis30 09-24-2003 06:36 PM

Best engine paint?
Looking for a Pontiac type blue paint for the engine block and heads. Do the local auto stores sell block paint and what is the best kind to buy. Also heavy coats or a light coat?

302 Z28 09-24-2003 06:49 PM

I used to use nothing but VHT high heat engine paint. I couldn't find any one day, so I picked up a can of DupliColor engine paint, seems to be as good as VHT IMO.


Kevin45 09-25-2003 03:42 AM

You can buy engine paint in rattle cans that is factory or you can go to your local jobber and get any color you want for the engine.


Weimer 09-25-2003 10:47 AM

I think that the only difference between engine paint and regular paint is the ability to resist gas/oil....not heat like most people think. An engine block does not get that hot...its the exhaust where you would want the high heat paint.
I have seen lots of guys use regular bc/cc that was left over from their car to paint the engine to match.

302 Z28 09-25-2003 11:12 AM

WEIMER is correct, about the high heat, just a selling point. The use of BC/CC is very common anoung street rodders.


RetroJoe 09-26-2003 05:25 AM

I found my Pontiac paint at my local Kragan store. It was $3 a can and at Summit they wanted $7 for the same paint!

78 monte 09-28-2003 01:18 AM

I like plasticoat I find that it flakes off much more gracefully than the others.

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