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Whats best in my opinion is use both together... blasting AND Ospho...
Its my opinion that even if you blast, the rust its still there on a microscopic level....The reason I feel this way is when a pitted piece of steet metal is blasted and set out in the weather unprotected ,the pits always start rusting before the unpitted metal...
Thats where the Ospho comes in...Imediately aftre blasting I treat the whole car and let it dry not only will it kill the rust on a microscopic level it'll protect any unrusted sheet metal from getting surface rust as long as the cars is in a garage surface rust wont ever be a problem.
Ospho is easy enough to use and "Does Not Need To Be Neutralized"

Blasting is a good way to remove rust but only if you take the car completely apart for a total restoration... chrome ,glass,REGULATORS,complete interior inc. dash,complete drive train....NO way you would do it on a car your driving and just doing a weekend floor job. Or a vinyl top repair job. Or even in places like a windshield frame only repair ,where its only pitted rust but its structurally sound the glass is out but it's a nice running car thats being driven ... no way you would want to blast there ....Sure You might be able to turn a minor in and out repair job into an unneeded,all out total resto but most guys cant or wont pay 50,000 and up and something that looks nice already.. Again thats where "Removing" rust with Ospho and wire wheels is the best way I've found..
Yes..I went out and bought a blaster in fact I have three blasters at my shop A big commercial which I seldom use ,a small pressurized one that I use rarely but twice as much as the big one,and the small recyclng spot blaster which I use a lot (I'm on my third one) it makes almost no mess....

So its like the old question :whats the best seam to weld? butt,spot or flange....The true and only REAL answear is there ALL the best... when used where they're supposed to be.....You need to know them all and where to use them...
Many pros CLAIM blasting is the ONLY and best way to remove rust and strip paint....
Well ,I'm a pro too ,35 yrs exp... and I say its absolutly not...I know rust,I'm from NY where new cars get holes within five years ,I work with it almost every day....Even if I blast a car it gets Ospho.
using them together is the BEST way .....but its rare that blasting is a good option.. and never EVER a good way for anyone but experianced professionals to strip paint with...and dont hire a a man that blasts bridges to do your car on the side either, get someone that does automotive blasting.....
If you want to blast some rust yourself ,I strongly suggest you only use a recycling spot blaster...anything else and you have a 90% chance of doing expensive damage to the sheetmetal...or a motor (that sand gets everywhere ,places you would never expect or even think of like defroster vents or the fan ,you would find out when your cars finished and your driving down the road and turn on the defrosters and get a face full of sand.
AS for stripping paint .....if theres to much paint to sand off fairly easy (with 80 DA and do a whole car in a day or two) chemical stripperis a very good option (mabee the best) especially for the non-pros that want to remove a lot of paint fast...... all you need to know is a few tricks and tips and anyone can do it quick,neat and fast....My wife can strip a car and do it well...
.......She anit a professional stripper either....

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