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Sagacious 10-07-2004 12:08 PM

Best SBC cam and crank bearings?
who makes the absolute best cam and crankshaft race bearings? i want them to last the absolute longest. i had a pushrod break and some metal floated around in the engine, everything else is fine but the cam and crank bearings are a little worn. i could use them over again but i bought a new engine and thats what i intend to have, so im not doing anything half-***. so im going to do it even better this time. thanks for the help...

clevite77 any good?

DoubleVision 10-07-2004 12:37 PM

Clevite makes excellant bearings, as are the GM Morraine bearings, however, it doesn`t matter which brand of bearings you use, if any material gets in the engine they wear, and if they can`t they inbed the object. In most cases in fresh rebuilt engine wear I`ve seen was from lack of cleaning it, hone dust sticks in the bore real good and you have to scrub it hard to get it all out, lack of lube from start up or start up with revs also will make them show premature wear, lack of immediate oil change after cam break in and etc.

firestone 10-07-2004 12:52 PM

As far as the bearings go, I agree with the above. As far as the cam and crank go, I am not sure if the "best" is what you really want. I run a LAE billet steel crank in my car but it cost $3000. I would go with something like Eagle. A 4340 forged Eagle crank will handle alot of power. If you are interested in a LAE crank, there is a site below that sells them. As far as cams go, I have always been pleased with Comp Cams.


here is a place to look at eagle cranks


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