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bigjoedo 05-01-2002 12:10 PM

Best Torque Converter Choice
Unfortunatley, the questions continue. My car is a 3900# 1976 Chevy Monte Carlo with a
300HP chevy 355CI engine, TH 350 w/ Stock Converter and 10 Bolt Posi Rearend. I am going to go with the 3:73 gears. After reading all the responses, I am confused about which Stall speed the torque converter would be best. I plan on street driving with some highway use. Weekend cruising and driving to different cruise nights in Northeast Ohio. I want to be able to stomp on the gas pedal and feel some power. Maybe, the occasional street race for fun. Keep in mind, cost is a major consideration. I appreciate all the help on this Board and Thank you for your patience.


dmorris1200 05-01-2002 03:31 PM

Well here it is the way I understand it, maybe I'm just a little conservative. You need to find out what kind of driving your looking to do. Are you driving daily, highways, around town. Do you just want a car that only comes out on the weekends and will destroy anything off the line. These questions will help you determine what gears to put in the rear as they will control your engines operating rpm's. Then once you find out what your average rpms are during most of your driving (if you're driving this around regularly) you want to keep your stall speed below that. If you mostly cruise around at 2,500rpm and you have a 3,000rpm stall converter you will overheat your trans fluid over time. If bad enough she'll feel like she's slipping in and out of gear while driving. The main reason for using a high stall converter is for a race engine that can't idle. If you built an engine that hairy that it needs that high a stall speed you shouldn't be thinking about low gears anyway. I would finish the rear first and see where your rpms are. Then think about a converter. I would also recommend a trans temp gauge. Slippage creates heat so you want to monitor fluid temp closely after you change the converter. I'm running a 302ci engine in my car. About .471 lift, 218deg intake-228deg exhaust @ .050" on the cam. I'm building a 3.70 9-inch rear for her at the moment. After thats done I'll decide on a converter, but I'm thinking along the lines of a 2,000 to 2,400 TCI Breakaway or Saturday Night Special.

wrenchturner 05-02-2002 11:07 PM

I agree with dmorris you dont want some monster stall for daily driver. just another opinion :cool:

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