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Ozz1967 02-04-2006 07:57 PM

Best way to build 427
Hey guys,

Whats the best way to build a modern big block 427? Other than going out and buying an buying a period big block and building it up?

Is it better to go Cast Iron or Aluminum?

Does anyone make an aftermarket BB 427? As I understand, I can destroke a 454 to get it right? If so, would that be a roller block or an older style flat tappet?

What about the new C5R 7.0L block that Chevy came up with for the Corvette? Or is that just a small block all dressed up?

A buddy of mine convinced me not to build the 383 I was going after a while ago (you may remember some of the posts) when he said (Dude, if you are going to spend money on a car that already works (my Trans Am), why not instead spend your money to restore your camaro, and if you do that, why not put a big block in it? And I figured, why not at least look into it. Since restoring the Camaro will be a little expensive, I've got time to do the research on the motor which will probably be the last or one of the last items I put in it.

Thanks in advance for your advice and help!

Bumpstick 02-04-2006 08:31 PM

Using the reg 454 block (Gen IV) and with aftermarket cranks of the 3.75 stroke as cheap as they are... I would go with good H beam rods and some nice light as possible pistons and of course large oval port heads... Lots of torque and plenty of HP for the street/strip machine... :thumbup:

Super Streeter 02-04-2006 09:42 PM

You can use any mark 4 454 block,to build a 427.You can use the 3.76" crank from a real 427,or from a 396 or any 366 or 427 tall deck truck engine.If you are going to use old TRW type 427 pistons then the real 427 crank or a 366/427 truck crank is best since they will have enough or more then enough counterweight to balance without hravy metal.If you are going to run lighter rods and pistons then the 396 crank is fine.

As far as I know you can use an early crank in a later gen 5 or 6 block if you use the rear main seal adapter.This would allow you to use factory roller cam setup if that was what you are after.If you want to keep it a street car then the best heads would be either ported out iron large ovals,or even better yet, a set of new GM or Edelbrock rectoval heads.Most highpo 427's came from the factory with rectangular port heads,but in reality these heads were a litle too big for any engine that wont see 7000 rpm or more on a regular basis.

And as a final note my persoanl opinion is that for anything I was going to drive as a real street car I would get my hands on a 454/427 block and drop a 4.25" crank in it and get closer to 500 cubes out of it and just tell everybody it is a 427.Nobody will know any better,and you can get 100 free hp out of the combo no matter how you build it.Good luck.

Ozz1967 02-05-2006 02:42 PM

I think I like the idea of using a 454 block and getting an aftermarket crank for it, probably from either Scat or Eagle. As for going larger, I don't think I want to. Not that the entire car is a concourse or show car, but if I put "427" on the fender, I would like it to be a 427. :)

Bumpstick 02-05-2006 02:59 PM

I like how you think there Ozz... :thumbup:

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