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deuce_454 05-19-2002 01:35 PM

Big Block chevy cam help
I need help choosing the right cam for my big block, the motor is a 512' block with steel 454 crank and L-88 rods, comp is arround 11:1 and heads are old style oval ports Int2.19 Exh 1.88. engine displaces 468 cui.

The car is a 32 roadster weighing in at 2650 lbs. tranny is a bullitproof 700 r4 with 3000 stall and rear is 3.50.

What cam do i need, i have a 292H comp magnum cam (I/E 244@.050 ls 110) but i need more power.

i am considering a solid roller cam at 262/272@.050 .690lisf with lobe sep of 114. is this way off

some one told that the key to makeing power with a bigblock is a large roller cam, and wiiide lobe seperation.

intake is a torker 2-o single plane and carb is modified 850DP.

i want to go low 11's and no spray.. will the cam do the job or do i also need better heads?

4 Jaw Chuck 05-19-2002 01:50 PM

Port the heads or get some aftermarket aluminum heads to lose some weight and stick with your roller cam decision, it's a good one. Better get some slicks-big ones!

AHotRod 05-19-2002 02:12 PM

BB Chevy's biggest down fall is the rod ratio, thus the reason for having to RPM the snot out of them to make power. You can fix this by installing .250 longer rods ( a little to late now) or by switching to a cam profile with a short lobe center ( 106 degrees ) which make the engine to want to acelerate quickly.

reddwarf 05-19-2002 07:35 PM

Glenn, check your private messages

deuce_454 05-20-2002 12:15 PM

thanx guys, ill looŽk into the alloy heads, suggestions? also i am unsure of what the lobe seperation angle will do to my horsepower and throttle respons. will the 106 deg you mention hurt torque figures?? or help???

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