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Originally Posted by gearheadslife View Post
you say efi is $$$$$$$$$ but are ready to spend 2k of this guys cash on head he don't need..
got it..

again guy, this guy asked for the most horsepower and the most down low tq posible while maintaining street manors. Did I give him advice based exactly on what he asked for? YES! Did you? NO, because the set up I suggested would out pull and out perform the set up you suggested from 1500rpm all the way to 5000rpm. So please tell me agian how you gave him such better advice than I did when I tailored my advice to exactly what the OP asked for, where as you gave him advice based on what you thought he should do.

when you ask about getting the most horsepower and the most down low tq possible while maintaining street manors, without ever mentioning a budget or the need to use stock heads then true quality aftermarket products are exactly what you are going to get.

Please Gearheadslife, come at me with some more of your vast knowlege. I can do this all day long!

Truely if the guy has the know how and the time, then if he want to go with FI then I would say his best bet would be to find a junkyard latter model 3500HD with an 8.1L and the Allison 1000, this should only cost around $2500 total but would require some fabrication, and wiring. I'm not sure how easy these are to find either but it would be a viable option worth considering.
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