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Wow, you guys just want to argue for the sake of arguing. Most everything I have posted has come from the work of true Experts, not my self. I have used what I have learned from them to build the engines that I have built. The math I used came straight from David Vizard, the cylinder flow data came straight from Stan Weiss. Neither you have posted where you go any of you information from, and have continued to argue simply based on opinions. I have used the math, formulated by the experts, not formulated by my self!

Here look up the 156 and 236 peanut port heads:

Stan Weiss' - Cylinder Head Flow Data at 28 Inches of Water -- DFW / FLW Flow Files for use with Engine Simulation Software


actually the correct formula is just over 2.2 X CFM so 227 cfm could make over 500 hp at 100% volumetric efficiency.It is also possible to make more than 100% V.E.
85% V.E. is realistic for most builders of mild street engines.
Yesterday 11:16 PM

I understood what you were trying to say but you all have been so intent on attacking me, I found a minor error in your statment and threw it back in your face. You guys are so intent on trying to attack me that you can't see the forest for the trees. You guys keep talking about what a heads is capable of with machine work done to it and I am only talking about what those are are capable of without machine work done to them, in complete factory form.

Super stock guys work wonders with their heads, pretty much none of them are using their heads as they were cast. This is simply the point that I have been trying to make over the last umptine posts, but you guys just keep reading it the way you want and continue to argue. Go back and reread what I have posted, never to I mention what they heads are capable of with some work being done the them, and I know that I have said "as cast" multiple times in my previous post.

"I have dyno results for my engine if you want to try your math

heads flow 327 cfm
solid roller 256/264x .420X 1.5&1.6--108/108 at 107.5
single 950
vic Jr
headers are 1 7/8 stepped 2 inch,,,3 inch collector.10.75:cr

You never put a CID on here but I would assume that its a small block and in the area of 383-406 but I could be wrong. This set up is very similar to what I have. I have a little more compression, nearly identical cam (255/261 .620/.620", 1.6 rockers on int/exh)my head flow about 10 less CFM at .700", where I acutally had them flow tested on a 4.040" bore plate, done right in front of me, that isn't coming off the manufacutres inflated numbers where they used 4.200" bore plates. I used a modified 850 DP, with a vic jr, All in a 385cid that is capable of running off pump gas (93 octane), mine was dyno'd at 573hp @ 6400rpm and 538tq @ 4600rpm (I shift at 6800rpm). The engine was dyno'd by Maryland Performance Center in Frederick, MD. I would guess based on 383-406ci, that your engine is making roughly 550-600hp.

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