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79C10, you are a complicated man.

I didn't go out and buy that ladder because of the advertising, I actually thought the same as you when seeing the ad. I looked fake and overdone. I bought the ladder because like a great man once said "We drink/eat/smoke what brands we LIKE" and I LIKED that ladder once I tried my brothers.
No, the average person is just like you. They do not walk out of their homes like a zombie with their arms stretched out in front of them and a blank stare on their faces when they see a commerical like in a cartoon. However, they ARE effected by what they see, including you.

Because you don't buy Corona, or other products that we are bombarded with day in and day out it doesn't mean that you don't buy other products because of the exposure to them thru marketing. For that matter, what beer do you drink? Has there EVER been an ad for it? Which of course, there doesn't even need to be an ad, just the place on the shelf, the label, the shape of the bottles, the name, and even the price are ALL developed in the Marketing dept of that company.

Getting back to your beer, you could buy the Coors or what ever you do because of that Corona ad! Yep, you are watching tv and see that ad with the two on the beach and you begin to crave beer. You go to the kitchen and get a Coors. The ad WORKED, you moved in the direction of that Corona. Next thing you know, you are at a friends BBQ and in his cooler there are a number of different brands of beer. You didn't have to pay for it so you grab the Corona. Hmmmmmmm, this stuff is pretty good. Next time you buy beer you grab the Corona because it is a special occasion. Besides that, YOU "bought" that Corona out of your buddies cooler. If no one picked up a Corona that day he wouldn't get another six pack the next time he has a BBQ.

Are you saying that you have NEVER bought a product that is advertised?

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