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HardcoreZ28 01-30-2009 06:13 AM

To blend or not to blend? Help!
Ok ridiculous workload finally caught up to me last night. I work a day job 40hrs a week and then put another 35-50 hours a week in nights/weekends in my resto shop. I took the night off of working last night to clean up most of my shop. Pushed all the cars outside to wash the whole floor down. Was pushing this 70 Mach 1 back in that I shot about 3 months ago and just brushed the outlet pipe on my compressor. It left a nice 6-8" scratch right in the middle of my quarter panel! Not down to bare metal but to the finishing primer.

So I'm going to wetsand the scratch down with 500 grit paper to smooth the repair area out. And since the paint it so fresh I'm not worried about the color matching as I have paint left from the job. But here's my dilemma. All I ever shoot is complete cars so I have little or no experience blending in clear.

The quarter has a somewhat hard bodyline before the sail panels that I could attempt to backtape and just clear the whole lower portion of the quarter again from door jamb to tail. Or I can attempt to blend in a section that's about 12"x12". The paint is the top of the line PPG stuff including Concept clear. I know PPG has a blending agent that I can get but I have no experience using it.

What's your suggestions on what to do? And what would be the proper technique for using the blender? Thanks!

302 Z28 01-30-2009 08:35 AM

You didn't say what the paint was..metallic or not. At any rate, I would re-do the entire panel for simplicity sake, unless you feel confident about blending a small area.....not me.


HardcoreZ28 01-30-2009 08:41 AM

Sorry.....non-metallic. Original green color from 1970. The more I sit here and think about it the more I think I'll reshoot the whole verticle surface of the quarter. I'll backtape it where it curves over to the horizontal side. No real blended edge to worry about then. And the time to resand and buff the quarter won't be all that long, especially if I don't like a potential blend and have to redo it.

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