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Blow By on a fresh rebuild. Possible ?? PLEASE HELP. Pics inside

A week ago or so I posted a thread in regards to my car smoking a little bit. I thought It might have been running to rich so I adjusted the fuel mixture screws with no success. Well yesterday I took her out for a drive and I noticed there was oil coming from the passenger exhaust pipe. My heart sank !.....First thing that came to mind was a blown piston rings... I looked under the hood and noticed there was black residue coming out of the #2 cylinder. I had actually noticed this 2 weeks ago but figured it might be normal b/c the header bolt was a bit loose on the # 2 exhaust manifold...

So I spent half the night searching the forum and reading up on other articles. Seems like there are other possibilities than just blown piston rings. For example, one member stated that he experienced the same problem just after replacing his valve covers for some chrome Holley's. He didn't replace the PCV valve and he was experiencing "blow by". Another member had bad valve seals.

So here I am wondering what the worst case scenario is.....

SBC 350 rebuilt winter of 06'
Installed July 08'
Running synthetic oil

When I installed the motor it never showed any signs of smoking. In fact, I would drive the car up and down my alley with open headers and it never smoked....It started smoking only after I had the full exhaust done (3 weeks ago) and I installed some Edelbrock Elite valve covers. I didn't replace the PCV valve. During this time I also attached the tranny vacuum line and tinkered with the timing.


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