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Originally Posted by Frisco
I shortened up your post a little.

Having the engine sit for a year could possibly have enabled the valve seals to dry out and thus leak. They may need replacing.

Having the engine sit for a year could also have possibly allowed some of the rings to have gotten "stuck". This would allow excessive oil consumption in one or more cylinders and would also possibly be a contributing factor for lower than expected compression. Freeing "stuck" rings can sometimes be accomplished by putting a small amount (a tablespoon) of Marvel Mystery Oil in each cylinder. Let it soak overnight. Crank the engine over several times without the plugs in to blow the excess oil out. Replace the plugs and start the engine. It will smoke very heavy while burning off any residual Marvel Mystery Oil for a short time. If the ring(s) were not stuck too bad, they should free up.

The plug you show does not indicate any oil fouling and this surprises me due to the large amount of both burned on and wet oil shown in the other photos.

The high level of gas smell could have been due to incorrect carb adjustment as well as the timing being off. Was the choke fully open at the time? Excess gas could have "washed" the cylinders down.

A simple baffle can be fabricated from a piece of 1/8" thick steel or aluminum plate. Tap the two cast bosses in the valve cover that are located close to the hole in the cover. Use short bolts there to attach the flat baffle.
What are the odds that only one of the valve seals would have dried out?

Where can i purchase Marvel Mystery Oil ?

So if the plug on the #2 isn't fouled would this narrow it down to a leaky valve seal dripping from obove ?

Yes, the choke was fully open. It's a manual choke Qjet but I have left it open since I do not have the linkage for it yet.

Good tip on making a baffle. Thanks
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