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Originally Posted by alittle1

3. Do not connect your pcv hose but plug it off either at the base of carb or at the valve cover.

If you re-read my email, I said to pull off and plug the pcv hose and run the engine. The reason being, to take the pcv out of the problem. The run test was only for the guide and seal. We want to isolate it to its simplest form and then add one component at a time.

If oil was present, I would have suggested removing the vacuum line from the transmission modulator valve. The reason being was you can not determine what type of oil is being drawn through the engine and burnt.

At this point, we would have these facts:

A. If the test had shown that oil wasn't present in the valve port and exhaust, then I would have said to hook up the pcv line. In doing so, I would have made the suggestion that you put a piece of furnace filter (synthetic weave) in the baffle box on the valve cover to reduce some of the direct vacuum pull into the base of the carb.

B. If oil was present, it would have to be the guide and seal in that cylinder.

Where do you want to go from here? Your 10 mile drive means your back to square one, still burning oil.
you're right Ed, i should have ruled out the PCV valve before running it. I got too anxious and didn't pay attention...So I took your advice with a little twist. I rigged up a $20 DIY oil catch can using home depot items...

I would have just plugged the PCV and ran it like that but then I would have never know exactly how much oil is being sucked in, if indeed the PCV is the culprit.

However, I also disconnected the tranny modulator valve from the intake port. You brought up a good point in saying that we dont know what oil is being burned. I have noticed a decrease in tranny fluid but I had thought it was something else. As you guys may or may not know, I am running a hydraulic suspension but haven't upgraded to a telescopic drive shaft. Therefore when I raise or lower the car, the stock shaft tends to push on the rear tranny seal causing a leak. That's why i thought my tranny fluid was low. BUT when you brought up the modulator valve it hit me that that too is vacuumed to the intake manifold. Anyhow, I unplugged it to rule that out as well.

Here are my observations...

Total run time: 1 hr. broken down as follows:

30 min at idle followed by a 30 minute drive.

It made it a little difficult to bring the driving speed up because the tranny would not shift out of 1st gear. I'm assuming that has to do with the vacuum line being disconnected from the modulator.

After the hour past, this is how much oil had accumulated in the catch can...

NOTE: The car smoked during this time. I'm guessing all the gunk has not burned off yet.
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