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baddbob 12-04-2005 08:06 PM

Body bushing advice, 70 Nova
My Son is in the mock up stage on his 70 Nova. He hung a Ford nine inch rearend in it, measured up for the new driveshaft, and made some transmission tunnel mods for his new shifter. He'll be blowing it apart soon and sending the tub off to the stripper. Looking at the structure of this car I can sure see why so many people run subframe connectors. Chevy sure was thinking light and cheap when they designed the rear rails etc..
So now the decision is to put subframe connectors in the car and maybe reinforce some other areas, install driveshaft loops, etc. The subframe connectors mate the unibody rear to the bolt on subframe and I'm thinking he needs to use solid subframe mounts with this instead of the stock rubber ones. Or would the urethane type be solid enough? Does anyone here have any advice on the solid subframe bushings? I'm thinking it really isn't going to affect ride quality much, or am I wrong? Any info would be appreciated. Bob

poncho62 12-04-2005 08:12 PM

I think that if I was going to weld in the conectors, i would use the solid bushings. Are you thinking roll cage also, to stiffen up the body more? 12-04-2005 09:27 PM

You will need the solid mounts if you weld in the sub connectors. Yes, on a street car the solid mounts transfer a lot more road/mechanical noise to the occupants.

But you must connect the subs if you plan on any big h-power and good traction drag racing. My big block 70 with 11" slicks, 4:56 rear, broke the body where the quarter panel is leaded to the roof, high up. This was when the car was less than a year old.

baddbob 12-05-2005 05:43 AM

I guess we'll use the solid bushings and maybe put a six point cage in then. It might see some 1/4 mile time now and then and although he's starting with a built 327 who knows what'll go in it later. The car had a 6 point cage in it when we bought it but with the stock rubber body bushings, 12-bolt with 4.56's 4speed 396 car so I'm sure it seen plenty of track time when it lived downstate. BOBCRMAN, maybe you seen this car run years ago, it was green metalic new, then yellow, then white when it was downstate. Now I kinda wish we would have picked a full frame car to start with, Oh well.

kenseth17 12-05-2005 06:30 PM


Now I kinda wish we would have picked a full frame car to start with, Oh well.
Heres an idea bob. Why don't you donate that nova to me, and you can look for a full frame vehicle. I love novas, wanted one since High school. Ended up getting a 74 chevelle 350 instead as my first car. :D
A 327 is a good start, Nice engines, little rev machine.

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