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Body filler showing through epoxy primer

I know I goof a story and question’s for 69 Widetrack
I am working on my 30 FORD Coup, I want to keep it original, I am just a original Model A FORD guy. Any way it will not be a show car but want it to look kind of nice. At my age I just want to get it done so I can drive it some be for I am to old to dr.. I have had it for years and never got it on road. To many Irons in fire in early years.
I am not up to date on the new primers and paint. Many years ago I patched and use lacquer thinner, primer and acrylic enamel on my own cars. But 69 widetrack I think you have talked me into trying epoxy primer. I was afraid to try the stuff on small panels or just one fender at a time, when I only need a little bit. I figure I would be wasting a lot. I was told you have to through it away in a few hours.
I have a 4.5 hr. peak air compressor from Harbor freight, I know it is not big enough to use air sander, it seems to do ok with L. primer and black enamel that I used on trunk lid, with the Binks 18 gun. It has the regulator that came with it.
What I did, I used my ½ hr drill with 40 and 80 grit. I striped to bear metal on top of coup and sides of top, used course steel wool and Dupont Metal Conditioner where I figure I need to. I mixed 1 part to 2 part water, [ maybe it to old ] the can said to keep wet while working it, I hand dry it good , said nothing about rinsing of , let dry for 10 more min like can said to do, and prime with my L . Primer, sand re prime sand , did this about 2 months ago. Look good , than I strip front fender and did the same , but I guess I had more little pitting here, it seems smooth , I think u call it black rust. I though the metal cond would work as well here too. This has been just a month now and now 4 or 5 spots pop through primer, the size of pencil lead. So now I am thinking about the epoxy primer. I am still concern about all the waste I will have on what epoxy I have left over.
Now I have the car in basement and run the dehumidifier most of the time. The car sat all winter and the fender was bear a long where we mig weld a spot on edge last nov 2012 and it did not get any rust, and no dehumidifier running all winter , furnace keep basement at about 50 this is by Erie, Pa. In spring I put some fiber glass on spot and filler and meal treated and prime. Then got my popping. Fender is staying on car to do work. Oh I wire brushed under side and brush on black Rust-oleum about 1 yr ago. I thought it would help seal 69 w.t. for the question’s-- I am lost on all this new stuff and don’t want to sand blast
What can I use ? u told me metal has to be clean and rust free , without sand blasting what do I use? What about POR 15 I saw a post movie clip ,on it.
or do u have something else in mind? thank you for any help arlo
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