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joeford 05-07-2006 06:59 PM

Body off question...
I'm in process of removing 36 ford coupe body from the frame. I've removed every bolt and nut I can find either by wrench or torch....I've stripped the car of seats, glass, door panels, fendors, trunk lid, hood, etc...and everything but the two doors. I plan to leave the doors on the hinges in hope that this will help prevent body torquing upon removal....(especially since the doors are extremely well aligned.

Problem is that while I can get the body to move a little (1/4inch) where the body meets the frame at the firewall, I can't seem to pry it up anywhere else.

Anyone with body off experience on old cars got any ideas? This is my first build, so it is entirely possible I'm overlooking the obvious....

But again, I have done a pretty thorough search of the frame and floor pan in search of additiona bolts, but can find none....

Any thoughts would be appreciated....I don't want to call my buddies over for the lift until I know the body is ready to come up...

OneMoreTime 05-07-2006 07:26 PM

Sometimes those things get "stuck" from corrosion or something..what I do is place a timber under the rockers and lift the body with a floor jack.this will tell the tale of just where things are stuck at..Sometimes a good solid whack on the chassis with a sledge will shake things loose..

maybe this will help a bit..


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