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BoneHeadCustomz 08-13-2007 03:18 PM

Bonehead Metal Art
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Here is a thread of some of my metal art, hope you like it.

This first on is a grill I did for a guy. I know it is maybe a little too wild for some of the people here, but try to focus on the metal work. :D

KENMO 08-13-2007 05:21 PM

Very cool....

BoneHeadCustomz 08-13-2007 10:15 PM

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Thanks, Kenmo. Okay, so most of you didn't like taht last one, how about this one. I build alot of stuff but this art project park bench for the city I live in is one of my favs.

home brew 08-13-2007 10:35 PM

I like both of the projects you have shown us. :thumbup: :thumbup: It would be nice if you could post how you made the skull. Please post build pics if you have them.

BoneHeadCustomz 08-13-2007 10:45 PM

I sell the skulls. I make shifter knobs, grills, intakes, exhaust tips, tail lights, headlight, and a bunch of other things with my skulls. (ie, Bonehead) I can't give you a play by play of my secret recipe, but I can tell you that on some of them I hand shape the metal to what I need. When I find it, I'll post up a picture of a skeleton I made. The skull was made from an old truck fender.
Glad you like it.

BoneHeadCustomz 08-14-2007 10:36 AM

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Let me introduce you guys to Slim. He has a bunch of movable parts, including jaw and neck, shoulders, back , and spine. This pic was taken last winter, looks pretty COOL now. ;)

Bill-E-BoB 08-14-2007 11:15 AM

Wow, you do awsome work man! I love that skull on the grill. Lets see some more!

BoneHeadCustomz 08-14-2007 03:35 PM


Originally Posted by Bill-E-BoB
Wow, you do awsome work man! I love that skull on the grill. Lets see some more!

Thanks, that last one was once an inner fender on a 1961 Ford PU.
I'll dig up some more pictures.

BoneHeadCustomz 08-14-2007 09:21 PM

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Here is a set of tail lights for any skull lovers on the site. :D

BoneHeadCustomz 08-17-2007 08:45 PM

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I really expected more feed back, but oh well.
This is one of a bunch of gear shift knobs I have made.

Chevrolet4x4s 09-04-2007 02:02 PM

:thumbup: Nice work

home brew 09-13-2007 11:13 AM

For some reason I missed the follow ups in this thread.

I now gather that the pieces are made by pounding, welding, etc not cast. Nice work! :thumbup:

BoneHeadCustomz 09-16-2007 09:23 AM

Yep, sorry I didn't expand. I have been working with metal for a long time now. Unlike a traditional blacksmith, I may jump in on a blacksmith type project with full intention from the start is using a tig welder. On the other hand I may really mix it it up and tryto leave well seasoned metal workers scratching their head.

JGK95 09-22-2007 11:03 PM

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Beautiful work!

Love the first skull and the bench too!

Will check out your website now.

Jay K.

charger528 09-23-2007 12:42 AM

realy cool stuff. looks like the terminater work shop

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