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racersdad04 02-17-2013 03:58 PM

Borg warner t10 cluster gear teeth alignment
I have a Borg Warner that a friend of mine gave him. I wanted to rebuild it before putting it in for him and have a issue that I am getting ready to machine the case to fix. Before I did that I wanted to see if anyone knows what the deal with this is.

When we disassembled the transmission the front thrust washer torn up for the cluster gear. Plus the tooth engagement was roughtly .040 off towards the rear of the transmission. It looked like the cluster gear was to far back in the case. One ear was also broken off of the case.

I bought another case. When I tried to put it all together I could not get either thrust washer in place. I decided to assemble it to try to see what was going on. To get the cluster gear in I used one of the thin washers at the rear. That gave me zero play.

When I put the mainshaft in the cluster gears were about .090 to the rear of the teeth of the mainshaft.

I now have 3 cases.

I have been measuring the bosses for the thrust washers for the cluster gear. The rear measurements are all within .002.

The short of it is the case that I want to use looks like I would need to machine the boss at the front of the transmission down about .090 to get the cluster gear and the two correct thrust washers in and that would let the teeth line up.

Even the case that came with it looks like it needs about .065 removed to get the second thrust washer in.

My question is were there this many differances in these transmissions and I got a case and cluster gear from two different transmission?

The numbers on the first case worked out to be a early 80's GM. The second case worked out to be out of a 79 or 80 Buick GS 455.

I am not sure about the aluminum case. It is a good case but when I cleaned it up it had a couple of small cracks. I welded them up. But overall the case just looks so pourus I am scared it may be weak. Everything I have read also says the aluminum cases are weak.

Any thoughts would be great.

Ben Braun

S10xGN 02-17-2013 04:48 PM

There was a T-10 and a "Super T-10". I know there was an early model (7/8") and a late model with a 1" shaft. Here are a few links to get you started.

Borg Warner Second Design ST
Borg Warner T10 Manual transmission rebuild Kit & parts | Borg Warner T10 rebuild kits -



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