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crussell85 04-18-2010 05:48 PM

Braden Winch??
I went to a consignment auction this weekend and picked up a few things including a 12v electric worm gear drive winch. I seen the winch at last minute before the auctioneer had gotten to it. The box that the winch was in was for a warn 12,000 lb. winch. I seen the winch laying in the box and thought it was the warn winch, everything looked to be there and the auctioneer started the bid on it. The bid went all the way down to 5 bucks so I bid on it. It made its way up to 50 bucks before the other guy stopped bidding. So I got this thing for 50 bucks everything seems to work on it, I just don't really know what it is except that it was manufactured by Braden winches, which seems to be like a serious duty winch. There are a few stamped numbers in the case, here they are:

EC41 (this one is stamped on the gearcase)
7925929 (this one is stamped on the gearcase)
51998 (this one is stamped on the front of the gearcase cover)

There is a tag riveted to the gearcase but I can't read anything on it. Can anyone help me identify this winch?

Old Fool 04-19-2010 05:54 AM

Here is all I can find with a quick Google :
Information for Serial 7925929
Part Number 02329
Description NO NAME
Ship Date 9/13/1979

Why not just give them a call and see what kind of treasure you have!

Blueeagle125 03-16-2012 10:01 AM

I have some info on the Braden ec4-1 winch
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I just got the instructions from Pacar in Texas. They own Braden winch now. I would be happy to email you a copy of what they sent me. How ever I will try and post it here. It has the exploded view and the electrical layout and well as the operating procedures. You can reach me at and I will send you what I have. I am rebuilding the one I found. Looks like we can still get parts for it on the secondary market. I will keep you posted.

Lets see if the file is will load.

David Kinney

crussell85 03-16-2012 10:13 AM

Ayuh........I've had the winch operational for about two years now. All the seals I ended up getting from Auto Value after I had the part numbers they crossed them over for me. And to seal the case I used black rtv silicone. It's turned out to be a pretty darn good winch. It pulls anything I want. I pulled a 1968 F-250 with all for tires froze up onto my car trailer using a double line pull. It didn't seem to mind it either,i was pretty surprised!

Blueeagle125 03-16-2012 10:17 AM

That is great. I plan on using this one for moving rocks and stuff for prospecting. I will be anchoring it to what ever is close and stable and running it off a portable power supply. :mwink:

Blueeagle125 03-16-2012 10:19 AM

Glad to see you got it handled though. I didn't realize how old the post was. Well maybe some one else will find this like I did and need them.

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