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Originally Posted by trillobite View Post
Ok, with a quench of .040 I will have 10.3:1 compression.

Bore: 4.040 (diameter)
Stroke: 3.48
Cylinder Head Volume: 64
Effective Dome Volume: 6
Use (-) for Dome and (+) for Dish.
Deck Clearance: .025
Compressed Gasket Thickness: .015
Number of Cylinders: 8
Compression Ratio : 10.31 : 1
Total Displacement (in.3) : 356.88
Total Displacement cc's : 5850.49

2 FEL Pro Head Gaskets Rubber Coated Steel Shim 4 100" Bore 015" Comp | eBay (head gasket)
New Small Block Chevy 350 IMCA Claimer Racing Oil Pan | eBay (oil pan)
PRW SBC 305 350 Chevy Sportsman 8" Polished Harmonic Balancer | eBay (damper)
350 Chevy Short Block Assembly High Performance w Forged Pistons | eBay (they may be in the build process as we speak, they are willing to do any deck height I choose)

I can either use that .015 gasket (sounds too thin for aluminum heads) or I can tell them to deck the block to .000 for my Fel Pro 1003 .041 gasket.
The default gasket for aluminum heads is the Fel-Pro 1003. Don't use the shim gasket.

The 0.0035" variance is reasonable, considering that he may not want to spend the money to equalize rod lengths, etc. Like Cobalt said, make sure the tallest stack is at zero and the shortest is 0.0035" down in the hole.

Any used flat tappet cam and lifters are junk. You would have to re-use the very same lifter in the very same lifter bore, not in a different block. What do you think the chances are of 16 lifter bores on block #1 being bored exactly the same on the x and y axis and each one the same distance from the flywheel face of the block as 16 lifter bores on block #2?

Why would you spend 62 bucks for a Fosdick 5-quart oil pan? I doubt that it'll seal as well as a bone-stock production pan. If you want to make a difference, use a larger pan. 7-quart is a nice size for a street motor. Get the windage tray and crank scraper. Be very cautious about fitting the screen to the pan. You will need about 3/8" clearance. Less clearance can cause the pump to suck the bottom of the pan up against the screen and cut off oil supply to the pump. More clearance can cause the pump to run out of oil.

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