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1meancuda 08-31-2002 07:18 AM

Brake chatter
Okay, this is a daily driver brake question. The car is a 1995 Buick Skylark Custom. It currently has 122,000 on it.
Here's the problem. About a month or two ago, the brakes would make a clicking noise only while at a certain speed WHILE making a left turn (I think I was going about 30 or so). Right turning while braking is fine, hard straight line braking is fine, and any sort of turning in general (regardless of speed) is fine. I replaced the pads and noticed that the outer most pad was worn farther than the inner, so I thought it could be my caliper. I went driving and the noise was gone. Now it is back after only about two months. My wife said that she thought she saw steam or smoke from behind the front tire after she drove it for a while though. It never happened again, but I think that the caliper isn't relaxing like it should.
I need to take the wheels off and check the new pads now, but is there any words of wisdom that anyone can give me???

KULTULZ 08-31-2002 08:27 AM

Raise the front end off the ground and turn both wheels by hand. If one turns easier than the other, you have either a sticking calper slide or a sticking caliper piston.

You may also have an internal brake hose failure. If you suspect this and the wheel is very hard to turn, open the bleed screw and it will release the hydraulic pressure on the piston.

A car this age should have been repaired with loaded calipers.

4 Jaw Chuck 08-31-2002 08:30 AM

Lubricate the sliding surfaces with moly or lubriplate and check for a sticking caliper. Sounds like you might have a worn pin or retention clip/mechanism. Examine all the parts carefully and replace anything worn, inspect the caliper boot for corrosion hiding underneath. Replace if necessary or rebuild the caliper. Doesn't sound like a major problem yet.

dmorris1200 08-31-2002 05:10 PM

I have seen applications where GM used thinner outboard pads. The first time I saw one in the shop I sold calipers and all only to open up the box of new pads to see the inboard pads much thicker than the outboard pads brand new. The main thing you're looking for is comparing left side to right side if looking for problem caliper. Is the left front outboard or inboard shot but the right side ok. With that kind of mileage KULTULZ was right, she should have got loaded calipers and hoses as well (hoses aren't that much). And personally I would consider smoke from the tire major (as in serious). Actually I consider anything to do with brakes major, they're your life. At any time did you notice the car veer when hitting the brakes, this is a good sign of caliper trouble. Also while you're at it take a look at your CV boots to make sure they're not torn. A bad CV joint will click on hard turns (assuming the 95 is front wheel drive). Usually a CV joint is heard on hard turns like in a parking lot but it's worth checking anyway. Jack up the front like already said and have someone step on and off the brake pedal while trying to turn the tires by hand. See if both sides feel about the same.

helrazr3 08-31-2002 07:39 PM

i was also thinking cvjoint when i read your post thats where i would look. :cool:

1meancuda 08-31-2002 09:27 PM

I was wondering about the CV joint, but turning is not a problem. It is only certain speeds while using the brakes and a left hand turn.
I'm thinking that I'm going to get new calipers anyway and see where that gets me. From the sound of it, most of you guys think that I should have new calipers anyway.

KULTULZ 08-31-2002 09:45 PM

Well, Chuck is right in servicing the slides.

Most likely the clicking is from worn attaching parts, i.e. anti-rattle clips, etc.

A high mileage car such as yours should receive rebuilt loaded calipers as the hydraulics are renewed along with being assembled with all new retaining/attaching parts. You just bolt them on and renew the hoses also, as has been suggested.

I am really impressed with and use only AC Delco aftermarket parts (except for that one set I put on a Merkur :mad: ).

1meancuda 09-01-2002 04:12 AM

If I can help it, I'm pretty much an AC Delco guy all the way!!! :)
I'll probably be replacing the calipers next weekend or so.

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