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so i know you prolly explained it but im still a little hazy on some stuff ... so now im decided that the front reservior(farthest from booster) is def front(disc) port. and of course the other is rear. the front has a 1/4 in line that runs to the "proportioning valve" the rear ports plug is a bastard size or something, i got a 5/16s plug to plug it cause its the next size up from 1/4, and it was to big??? im not sure why that is. anyway that line also comes out of the master and goes to the "prop valve" so im good till point. now the prop valve is in question. its a brass junction looking box that is obviously meant to be mounted to the frame. it looks alot like the Chrysler picture you showed. it has the warning light post right btween the two incoming lines from the master. its a rectangle shape, and those lines from the master go in the top side(longer side) then out of both of the 2 short sides of the rectangle are the outlets that go to both disc and drum. front and rear. i know which outlet goes to which set of brakes. so basically im good to go right? plug it in and everythings finished?
the only thing that doest make sense is that there no "metering" or the rubber button you mentioned. and appearently thats there to help me bleed the system. so if there isnt a button then does this mean that it isnt a proportion valve, or equalizer, and that my car wont disperse the fluid properly and my brakes wont work right? i called the junk yard i got my spindles and stuff from and he said it doesnt have that i guess. so im confused.. i guess i need to maybe buy a 69 book unless of course you can tell what it is i should look for or have. again thanx for your help thus far. you are extremely informative, i am thankful for the time you took to post all those pics.. blackbeard
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