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montea 05-18-2004 08:16 PM

Brake pedal Clunk
i just put on new calipers. front brake lines, pads, rotors, rear shoes, wheel cyl and a Used master cyl from a diff car(same thing but the fluid tank ontop is a little smaller).

before i started to bleed the brakes the pedal went right to the floor no problem... started to bleed the front passenger side and let out the air like 3 times then i heard the brake pedal clunk so i went over to see and about 1-2 inchs from the floor the pedal makes a clunking sound. i removed the master cyl and found a drip of fluid where the brake booster pushes it. with no master cyl attached i tried the pedal and it goes to the floor no problem.

is the problem the master cyl is messed up or would it be the brake booster when there is the load on it. also the engine was turned off the whole time.

montea 05-19-2004 07:52 PM

i just went and bought a new master brake cyl and bench bleed it and installed it and the first few pedal pumps it clunked stilll and then stoped doing it and the pedal still stops before it gets to the floor, about 1-2"

also when pumping the brakes i can hear air coming out of somthing

please reply i really want to get this fixed.

BstMech 05-19-2004 08:01 PM


Originally posted by montea
also when pumping the brakes i can hear air coming out of somthing

That's normal for the booster to make that noise without the motor running.

montea 05-19-2004 08:34 PM

ok thanks BstMech

ok so with the master cyl on the booster the pedal stops about 2 inchs from the floor and makes a click/clunk sound. The brakes are not bled. removed the master cyl from the booster and the pedal goes right to the floor with no effort and does not clunk.

same thing happend with the old master cyl sooo.. that must not be the problem then. but the brake booster is fine without the master cyl so i cant see it being a problem ethier. i cant imagine air in the brakes doing this. it is like the booster has pushed the masster cyl as far as it can go.

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