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I have a 1969 chevelle with the factory brake system installed, discs in front and drums in the rear.

Ten years ago I had a problem with the brakes sticking. I would drive the car normally and each time I applied the brake, it didn't release completely. It would take more and more gas pedal to get the car going and keep it going. Eventually the car wouldn't move and I would hop out, pop the hood, and bleed off the brake fluid pressure in the front line at the master cylinder.

There is a part just under the master cylinder that the front line goes to, not sure what it's called. I came to the conclusion that this was the culprit so I pulled it off and rebuilt it. This fixed the problem and I haven't had the issue come back to date.

My current issue:

My front wheels do not roll well. When I have the car in the air and spin a wheel, it quickly comes to a stop. Almost immediatley. I'm thinking the mystery part under the master cylinder is keeping pressure applied to the front brakes. I can be sitting on a hill in neutral and the car doesn't move or slowly goes down the hill, depending on the grade.

My question:

What is the mystery part under the master cylinder and can I remove it from the system and still have properly functioning brakes?
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