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Sagacious 08-04-2004 11:00 PM

breaking in my 357...
i got my new 357 started finally.. the large wire on the started was loose.. apparently i hadnt tightened it all the way. so i got it started and proceded to idle the engine around 1500rpm to start the cam break in process for 30 min. the engine has a compression of anywhere from 9.5-9.8, i run an XE268 cam, melling high volume low pressure pump, edelbrock air gap rpm, edelbrock 600cfm. the engine seemed to climb to 180deg very quick and the radiator is hotter than its ever been... scolding to the touch. initially oil pressure was 60lbs which i assume is optimal then dropped around the 50-55lbs range. is an engine suppose to get overly hot during break in period? its seems to me the engine temp would have kept climbing since it reached that temp so fast... so i killed the engine. i use a 160 thermo and a summit aluminum 2-core (4 core capacity ) radiator. any thoughts on this? it just had me worried.. i really have no idea.

Frisco 08-05-2004 03:35 AM

Check your timing. If it is retarded the engine will run higher than normal very quickly. You will also see your exhaust close to the headers begin to "glow" with a retarded ignition.

Check for vacuum leaks as well. This would cause a lean condition leading to high temps.

Since you are breaking in the cam; disconnect the vacuum advance and plug it. Start the engine and bring it up to around 2500 RPM and set the "Total mechanical Timing" around 34-36 degrees. Continue with the cam break in run. Watch the water temp, oil pressure and check for leaks. Don't worry about adjusting the carb until after you have completed the cam break in.

Another thing to look for is enough air flow thru the radiator. Are you running a clutch type fan? If you are, it will not be sufficient to pull enough air thru the radiator with the engine stationary. Place a 'box fan' in front of the radiator for additional air flow.

Replace the thermostat with a 180 degree one.

Be sure to replace the oil and oil filter after the cam break in period. :D

Sagacious 08-05-2004 12:59 PM

it seems the distributor is one tooth off... thats the only reason we can figure why it is overheating. we have another truck with a 350 that had the same problem. you can hear the engine isnt running very evenly either. because despite where the timing always ran hot. so we'll move it a tooth over and see where we fall.

tresi 08-05-2004 04:51 PM

Keep in mind that a new engine will make more heat until it starts to break in. If there is any air in the block that hasn't burped out yet it can over heat.

Keep in mind that a new engine will make more heat until it starts to break in. If there is any air in the block that hasn't burped out yet it can over heat.

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