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Originally Posted by T-bucket23 View Post
The 2 top bolts that connect the engine to the tranny should be studs and both should have grounds on them
It also an excellent idea to seperatly ground each head. The extremely high energy ignitions used to jump .060 plug gaps dump a lot of energy into the heads searching for a ground path. We have passed the point where one can assume this energy will find its way to the battery ground by hoping the head bolts and other accessories are providing an adaquate path to the block where grounds usually originate from back to the battery.

I highly suggest a good ground one that can be verified from each head to the block or from each head to the chassis or to the battery's negative terminal be established. This does not need to be a huge wire as there is not much amperage involved. So a number 8 or 10 wire with suitable terminals is sufficient.

For those of you who are loosing MSD boxes and MSD tells you you it's high voltage getting into the box, this baby is the source, it ain't an overcharging alternator.


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