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Stormtrooper 05-16-2012 08:35 PM

Budget 350 vortec swap
Alright so i have a 350 in my 1984 2500 and im looking to get some more power out of it mostly low end torque and hp being its a truck and whatnot. Right now its mostly stock besides headman headers and true duals, performer intake, 650 cfm thunder series carb. mallory ignition, taylor wires. its got a Th400. and a bunch of shiny go fast engine parts the last guy threw on there.

Im looking at doing a budget vortec head swap and i had a few questions. Im looking at doing this as wallet friendly as possible. Alright so here goes.

i can get a set of vortec heads for around $300 off craigslist or hopefully even less than $200 if i go to a junkyard and pull em myself.

if i dont get big cam will i be able to keep it out of the machine shop and having to upgrade the valve springs and all that? i was thinking the edelbrock performer truck cam and hydraulic lifter kit. or mabye even just keeping the stock cam if that would even work? i want to keep a smooth idle as this will be my daily driver(i dont drive much) only to school and work 5 miles away

ill need new valve covers right? or mabye use the stock vortec ones

I know ill need new gaskets and all that

will my pushrods work or will i need new ones?

I know ill have to ditch the performer intake. i can get a edelbrock nock off vortec airgap intake new for around $150 or mabe find a used one.

My headers should bolt right back up though right?

now i heard you can end up with to much compression with a vortec swap. if i have a very mild cam like the one above i should still be able to use pump gas mabe even 87 still?

im sure im missing things but just want to know everything that i will need for the swap. Thanks

Stormtrooper 05-16-2012 08:42 PM

And with the performance boost im also hoping to get better mpg because as of now i think im getting around 5-8mpg. I think i saw somewhere the the vortec heads will boost mpg a fair amount because of how bad and restrictive the old swirl port head design is?

cool rockin daddy 05-17-2012 06:10 AM

You haven't gotten any replies because this has been beaten to death on here, the rest of the net, and the chevy magazines.

Do a forum search and you will find your answers.

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