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smithkustoms 12-02-2009 12:42 AM

Budget urethane clears, Finish-1,Nason,Matrix, & Kustom-shop Any info?
Im looking around for a budget urethane clear to be sprayed over PPG Deltron 2000 DBC.
I have searched on-line for hours now and have found a few clear coats that fit my budget and requirements for the Deltron DBC. Below is a list of the clear coats, If you have any info or experience with them please let me know.
If You can recommend another brand of budget urethane clear im open to suggestions.

1: Finish-1 FC720, HS Urethane clear. (sherwin-williams brand)
DATA Sheet:

2: Nason Select-clear 460-00 Urethane. (DuPont budget brand)
DATA Sheet:

3: Matrix-System MS-52 urethane. (
DATA Sheet:

4: Kustom-Shop KC-210 Urethane 2K speed clear. ( big on ebay)
DATA sheet:

What do you know about the clears listed above? If anything Please let me know.

If you know of a good budget urethane clear, Im open to all suggestions! Im not looking for Detron + quality clear at this time. If the deltron base sprays as good as everyone keeps saying, I will be asking about the clear latter down the road. But for now please just comment on the clears listed above, or other "Budget"clear coats that will work with Deltron DBC Thanks for your time! :welcome:

deadbodyman 12-02-2009 04:54 AM

I've used most of them and all I can say is SPI clear is WAAAAAY better and cost about the same.So if you like runs and redoing it every couple years.....Use any of those clears....BUT...if you want the look and durability of GOOD clear get SPI universal clear plus its a lot easier to spray....Ask anybody thats used it and they'll tell you the same thing......100.00 a gallon

da34guy 12-02-2009 06:28 AM


Originally Posted by deadbodyman
I've used most of them and all I can say is SPI clear is WAAAAAY better and cost about the same.So if you like runs and redoing it every couple years.....Use any of those clears....BUT...if you want the look and durability of GOOD clear get SPI universal clear plus its a lot easier to spray....Ask anybody thats used it and they'll tell you the same thing......100.00 a gallon

+ 4 quarts of hardner @ about 30 each is $200 +
Still the best bang for the buck, and a superior clear to the 1's mentioned.

cyclopsblown34 12-02-2009 09:56 AM

I agree with Bdeadbodyman, SPI about 100.00 for a sprayable gallon is a bargain, especially for the quality of SPI.

deadbodyman 12-02-2009 10:05 AM

4 Quarts of hardener Around 100.00..... 4 quarts of clear around 100.00 =2 gallons 200.00 so therefore one gallon costs (around) 100.00 but if its a cheap price your looking for try enamels or single stage paints....the main point is SPI is SOOOO much better its ALL I use regardless of the price its GREAT good as 400.00 a gal. clear...Cheap clears are harder to spray well for a newer painter.....or a BDBM.... :mwink:

cyclopsblown34 12-02-2009 10:19 AM

I've tried the Nason clears and they are good for panel work. The SPI clear is great for panel or overall work. I like the open time it has so the clear can flow together from the end of one coat to start of the next. Not since DuPont Chromaclear 7500 in the mid nineties have I had a clear work as well.

deadbodyman 12-02-2009 10:26 AM

Chroma clear has come down a lot since then I believe its around 150.00 for 5 qts...not as good though.... IMO...but it was my favorite too...

cyclopsblown34 12-02-2009 10:31 AM

The SPI sprays better than the current Chromaclear in my opinion.

smithkustoms 12-02-2009 12:44 PM

Chroma-clear is is about $230 total, I use dupont chroma-base and clear a lot, I was told by my supplier that chroma-clear would not work over the Deltron DBC, Reasons unknown. I did not question his opinion. Never needed to.

Ive also used the nason select clear quite a bit and good results with it, My question was more or less a trick question to see how the other clear rate to the nason. At this point im still unsure if the nason clear will work with the Deltron DBC or I would just eb using it. The other three mentioned are the only clear coats I can find on-line that mention Deltron DBC in their tech sheet as a suitable basecoat. Not saying the other wont work, But it makes me feel better it see it listed.

Does anyone have a link to this SPI clear?

cjperotti 12-02-2009 02:11 PM

If youíre still open to suggestions hereís one:
PE2100 Eurospeed 2:1 Acrylic Urethane Clear-4.3VOC
Tech Sheet

A company called Montana makes it. The product has been in production since the early 80ís that I know of. Iíve shied away from it until recently. A friendís car wound up being the perfect guinea pig for a tryout. It retails for 69.00 for a whole gallon kit, activator included, which makes one and a half gallons total. I canít attest to the durability but as for application, it sprayed on smooth as you can see from the pictures. Clear was sprayed over PPG ValuePro Basecoat.

Below are a few pictures I took the day after. Pictures arenít very great due to the poor lighting in the shop. It hasnít been water-sanded and buffed yet. First, Iíve got to 800 the nose to paint some ghost flames and then reclear.

smithkustoms 12-02-2009 03:06 PM


Originally Posted by cjperotti
If you�re still open to suggestions here�s one:
PE2100 Eurospeed 2:1 Acrylic Urethane Clear-4.3VOC
Tech Sheet


See now that is interesting, Their tech sheet shows their clear can be sprayed over DBC and Chroma-base, I wonder why I can't spray chroma-clear over the DBC. I hate mixing up paint brands :evil: This is not my car nor paint, If I had it my way, or was less honest I would trash this deltron and buy some nason ful-thane. They are going to end up with a Ful-thane single stage urethane 2k quality paint job, by using the deltron dbc and cheap clear anyway.

The two hardest things to convince customers is: High quality base with cheap clear is not going to be any better then the quality of the clear. 2: Quality base/clear is only going to be as good as the primer. Seems like every customer I have that thinks they know something about paint, will spend big money on base coat and go cheap on clear and/or primers.
Ive had people bring me $700 in chroma-base/clear and bring $24.99 gallon of lacquer primer. :nono:

Thanks for the help guys! Ive got a fresh un-used gallon of Nason select-clear from over stock. Ive got a 98+ camaro hood in the out building from a customer that never returned to pick it up after I installed and painted a cowl hood. Im going tape it off into two half's, Spray it with the DBC and clear it with the Nason select-clear. If it dose not work, Or I dont like the results then I will give the SPI or matrix clear a chance. Thanks for all the help!

deadbodyman 12-02-2009 04:08 PM

heres spi's tele num....404-307-9740 for any questions

kenseth17 12-02-2009 05:37 PM

The only 2 mentioned I have experience with is spi (universal) and nason select. I'd choose the spi hands down.
I don't think nason select is all that bad either, always layed down nice for me and good clarity. Not sure of longterm, an honesty I haven't been able to see any of the cars I painted with them years down the road to see how well they held up. DId a repair on the brothers truck with spi, and if he doesn't trade it in the future (betting he will in a few years), might actually be able to see it after many years.
If using 496 and doing an overall, then probably want to use the slowest activator and reducer available or the 497. I've used the spot panel activator before painting a bike frame and a spot repair, and doing anything other then the smallest of areas with the spot activator can be a chore getting it on before its set up and your fighting being able to lay it down without any dry areas.

hood with 496 nason clear (did a spot repair, rest of the car is and hood was orginally marhyde universal)

carbon fibre hood with spi universal clear

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