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85cutdog 05-10-2004 02:40 PM

to build or not to build
I have a 85 monte carlo I just bought with a 305 tbi truck motor in it. I'm wanting a bigger motor and was wondering should I go to a junk yard and get a 350 and take it to a machine shop or just wait for a while till I get enough money for a crate motor. The one I like is the GM goodwrench 350/330 but is $3600.00 If the junk yard is the way to go what should I look for? What price to pay.?Do I have to find a tbi motor or go with a carburated one? Or am I going in the wrong direction an try to do something with the 305? I new to this as this is my first sbc that I have owned and I'm not trying to race just wanting more performance than what I am getting. Heard good and bad things about 305's. Thanks for any help!

1BAD80 05-10-2004 05:04 PM

Get the GM crate motor with warrenty. :thumbup:

Deuce 05-10-2004 09:07 PM


If you have NOT ever built a engine..........most definitely buy a crate engine. The ZZ4 is just a little more the the one you are interested in. Some Chevrolet dealers have their own ZZ430's for less than 5 grand. 430 horsepower will really push the Monte Carlo.....:)

If you have built engines in the may save a few dollars and get a stronger engine by doing a lot of the work yourself. Carefully selected 'used' pieces combined with NEW stuff can make for a very powerful yet drivable street engine.

Bigger is BETTER........and size does count.

You can build a stroked 350 (383) for small money.......not much more than a standard rebuild. SBC 400's are great for moving heavy cars too :D ......a .030 overbore makes for a 406. Easy to get 375 - 400 horses .

DEUCE..General Rodding Tech Moderator


1BAD80 05-11-2004 05:25 PM

build your own 430 hp motor.

HemmiGremmie 05-11-2004 07:21 PM

Crate motors are a great way to go, but only if you can actually save the mo0ney for it or have the money for it.
I always get started saving, but spend the money on other things that pop up. Its way better off if I build a little at a time. HG

Sudden Psycho 31 05-11-2004 10:56 PM

it is very satisfying to do your own buildup...

if you are new to it, which i assume you are if you are asking... just switching motors is extensive.
if you still want to tackle it, make sure you have someone at least slightly experienced to double check your work. you will save money

very satisfying when done right, expensive and frusterating when done wrong.

good luck,


bonuts 05-12-2004 12:22 AM

I'd build my own. For a fraction of the cost of a crate motor, get the machine work done, buy your own parts.

I just had my engine for my race car done. Machine work, cam bearings, and pistons pressed on rods was around $350 CDN. The pistons were $180 for .030 flat tops with the 2 valve reliefs. Plus bearings are cheap, so really if your on a tight budget building your own would be a good way to go. Assuning you have the urge to learn to build a engine.

I guess if money isn't so tight a crate engine would be the way to go, with a warranty etc. I'm going to have my engine ready to go for under $800. I did already have a 350, and a steel crank so that would have added some money.


85cutdog 05-12-2004 03:47 PM

I would love to tackle it myself but just didn't know what direction to go in. Any help on where I should start or steps I should go in would really help! Not a cheap skate, just want to build a good engine and do it right. Wasted money thinking the higher the price the better it is and thats not always right. As always thanks for help you all are giving me. The car is not a daily driver. Just want something with good horsepower and tourqe and fun to drive.

Deuce 05-12-2004 09:27 PM


Originally posted by 1BAD80
build your own 430 hp motor.

Sallee does sell their version.....but......I do not need it ...

I have one of the original GM versions.....

Number 430.......the very last one......


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