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Slowass72 01-18-2004 12:16 PM

building 496 chevy
I just got a hell of a deal on a 427 4 bolt tall truck block that looks to be in good shape, I also got these heads for it (6272292) all for a grand total of 325 bucks! The guy also gave me the longer truck rods and pistons that I need for the taller (.400) block. I am so psyched! I know everyone is going to tell me I shoulda just bought a 454 at a junkyard but there dont seem to many around here and these are the only parts I needed as I'm going to buy a 496 kit to replace everything but the block, heads, and rods. here is the kit, I know it's cheap but I'm not really dragging, it's just for street.

or this one;

or the really good one;

Which one is best? Do I really need the forged stuff if I'm not racing? It's going into a 72 impala.
What are the steps I need for cleaning it up and getting it ready for the kit; I know I need to have it hot tanked (pretty rusty, everything, have it bored .060 over, and maybe mill the deck? With the longer rods I have (+.400) everything should fit fine. Oh yea, the block has been line bored and that part is not rusty or dirty at all.
Any help with this thing would be soooo appreciated!

tm454 01-19-2004 01:08 PM

:rolleyes: I will admit, I have no idea what you are talking about. Are you going to build a sbc or bbc engine? I don't think I have ever heard of a 496?? I have heard of 427 sbc kits though. Since I am not familure with bbc kits maybe you can bring me up to speed. :D


Rat Rods Rule!

Slowass72 01-19-2004 07:15 PM

ahhhh yea....
A BBC dude! The 496 is a 427 or 454, or any big block with 4.250 bore with a 4.250 stroke (I believe) and bored over .060; this produces a 496. One hell of a rat!:thumbup: I even saw 540 and 632 kits but this is way out of my league... although.....:rolleyes:

Deuce 01-19-2004 07:41 PM


EBAY is I cannot say anything about your choices.

The truck rods are heavy and junk. I built a big inch BBC 30 years ago using a TallDeck block. The deck is .440 taller than the standard BBC.

You will need spacer plates for the differences between the intake and the heads. I made mine.....they are available from suppliers now. You need a special distributor with a sliding collar......the stock distributor will not can trim some off the distributor and mill some off the intake where the distributor goes..........but another distributor is BEST.

Longer push rods are also needed.

Balancing is also expensive.........Mallory metal........the long stroke and the weight of all that rotating mass is heavy.....

You can GO FASTER for a lot less money .....IMHO

30 years ago 496 was HUGE..........

a GM crate 502 will work as good or better ....for less.......


Slowass72 01-20-2004 05:00 PM

gee thanks
Well I do have the tall block so that's what I'm going with. The Dart and Edelbrock intakes for the tall block are made for the stock distributer. The crank, rods and pistons are all new, balanced, and light (it's only .400 longer-6.535). All I'm using from the 427T is the block! The rods are included in the speedomotive kit too. And I know not to use the truck rods, they're beat anyway. I should have said that but a lot of people say they're much stronger too.

78novaman 01-21-2004 09:18 AM

Well, he said it's just for the street, and that motor will excel at that! How often do you rev to 6500rpm on the street?? That motor will be a torque beast. BTW, what car is it going in?

Slowass72 01-21-2004 09:29 AM

It's a 72 Impala that needs some body work but not much, I "helped" a friend get it out of his yard for a 100 bucks! I'm taking the 350 out which needs a head gasket at the least and just storing it for now. The last thing I will fix on the car is the body and cosmetics. And of course interior. I think black exterior and red inside with tinted glass will be cool.:D

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