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The only ways you'll realize THAT size of an increase to that engine would be through: 1.Forced induction (blower or turbo), 2. Nitrous, or 3.Major buildup. {All of which would require redesigning the fuel delivery system to support the increased need for fuel.} Even adding a 150 shot of nitrous requires additional fuel. Remember that an engine is basically just an air pump, and to get more out of it you've either got to force more into it, increase its capacity, or spin it much faster -all of which require SOME level of supporting modifications to accomadate the increased power level that you are attempting to attain. The ThrottleBody Injection system (being a very basic and simple type of fuel injection) is not very supportive of tunability or high horsepower levels, although it usually works great for it's intended purpose for which it was designed; namely- to be a simple, REASONABLY accurate, and reliable fuel supply system for low-mid horsepower oem powerplants. If you are wanting a 400+ HP/TQ engine you'll need to go carb or MPFI and include the supporting hardware to efficiently utilize the burnable mixture being supplied, IF you want something that will last and be reliable. While you could conceivably add a nitrous setup to that engine as it is, repeated usage of anything more than about a 50-75 shot would stress those stock internals to beyond their capabilities in a relatively short order. Basically said, you have an unrealistic expectation for that engine as it is presently configured. To get 150+ beyond stock HP/TQ will require extensive modifications unless you want to put a rod through the block with a one-pass 150 shot (which still would require additional fuel delivery anyway). Check out the articles on the knowledge base on this site and you can get some ideas. Good luck with whatever you decide.-Jim
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