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Overboring to +.030 would give you 5 more c.i. (355) but that alone would probably not render you more than 1-3 hp increase, and if the engine is in decent internal condition as it sits, would be a waste of money. First and foremost you must decide what you want this engine to be used for, meaning; what will it's application be? From there you can determine HOW you will need to build it (for lower rpm "torque-heavy" usage such as a mainly streetrod/heavier car or truck usage, for high-revving high-horsepower drag ONLY motor, etc..) If you can post what your intended usage and vehicle will be, from there many folks on this site can direct you toward the proper reference materials/articles to get you started in the right direction. While a 350 based engine is least expensive to build-up, it still costs serious money to begin getting up over a certain level due to the changes that are needed to obtain that level. Minor changes will cost less and render less results, while major changes will cost more and render more results. What exactly is it that you are seeking to accomplish? If you can answer that question then the great people on this site can help you along the whole path. As far as using the factory TBI system for a buildup, you probably can't expect to get much over the (approx.) 250-260 hp level. Please post for all of those of us whom would like to help you along, just what type of vehicle and it's intended usage will be, and from there you can get much help in determining what can be done/how you can accomplish it, and most importantly- what you can expect the approximate costs and difficulty level to be. -"Toss us a friggin bone here,eh?" -(Just kidding,but I've always loved that phrase) Anyway-please give us more info to help you.-Jim
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