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If you really want to utilize that engine for buildup, there should be nothing wrong with doing so- IF and ONLY IF it can be determined that it's current internal condition is worth utilizing as a platform to build-up the topend. I didn't see any mention as to how many miles were on this unit, and it's service history. If it were @ 60k engine with all highway mileage and oil changes every 2K, has excellent oil pressure and good BALANCED compression readings across all cylinders, then I'd have no qualms about freshening up the topend with upgraded cam/headwork or aftermarket heads/timing chain and gears. On the flipside, if it was used in a delivery-vehicle application and spent most of it's life doing short trips and lots of idling, with oilchanges only every 5K, I'd want to either plan on finding a different platform to work from, or a MAJOR overhaul. SO...First things first. IF the engine's history is known good, then have the compression checked, leakdown test, and other BASIC checks to ascertain what it's internal health might be. From there you can make an informed decision on how to proceed further. One thing to consider is that the fuel system (Tank and Lines) in your '82 Monte were setup for a feedback type carbuerated application using no more than 5-7 psi obtained from a mechanical pump. Unless you want to upgrade fuel supply system this will preclude you from using TBI or MPFI on the Monte. Your 95 donor motor was a rollercam motor using an electric pump system and MAY not have a boss on the block or cam eccentric to drive a mechanical pump. This can be solved thru usage of an aftermarket (Holley or similar) electric pump and staying with a carbuerated induction system. The existing lines in the Monte weren't designed to handle the higher pressures used by fuel injection. These are some points to take into consideration. If you buildup a motor for that Monte plan on staying with a carbed motor (600-650 cfm vac. secondary or Q-jet), unless you want to dig deeper into the wallet and have more redesign issues to deal with. A nice portjob and freshening on those truck heads (or aftermarket if budget allows) + a nice (1500-5500 rpm) cam and intake, along with a decent exhaust system will get you where you want to be without too much drama. Be prepared of course to upgrade the trans somewhat (a freshening at the very LEAST) and cooling system as well. Keep researching this and other sites and you'll begin to develop an understanding of what's required to achieve your goals. DEFINITELY make sure that whatever you build from is in shape to begin building from, otherwise, as the others have said- "you'll end up with a MONEYPIT". Good luck with whatever way you decide to proceed, and keep us all informed with your progress. -Jim
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