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This is really a great help to me since I plan on doing the same thing in the spring. The temporary "booth" idea means quite a bit of preparation but if a person can paint, it's well worth it. I'm tossing around the Idea of using an old furnace body and squirrel cage to move the air. With me, the scariest part of this proposition would be the neighborhood. My property's zoned General Commercial and I get along with all the neighbors I know around here just fine but there ARE a few newbies on the block. . All it would take is some do-good, one-lunged Marlboro Man to blow the whistle on my paint party and all the work I'd put into my booth would be history. Unfortunately, in Oregon, there's this government outfit called DEQ (Dept. of Environmental Quality.)
They thrive on busting the little guy for minor infractions like this, while they let the big boys slide, dumping tons of toxic crap into the air.. The story goes something like this: THEY'VE got a permit!

No - I've painted two cars in my garage and they both turned out better then I'd expected. I didn't go through near the prep that has been talked about here so anyone attempting a garage job, providing they can paint, should be fine with a booth like this whether it's an up or a down draft system, as long as those nasty particulates don't start whistling around in the paint area.
Fresh air for breathing is the single most important part of this deal.
Note: Spiders get high on acrylic urethane based paint and just love dropping in for a toke. If you see one hanging out in your area, rattle can the puppy - he'll stay put.

After it's all said and done, I just might opt to take the easy way out and take a night body class at MHCC so I can use thier spray booth. I'd have to rent a covered car trailer, but in my situation, it's an option I can't afford to ignore.

Good luck on your paint project

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