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Originally Posted by roger1
I was watching Orange County Choppers yesterday.

I was real surprised to see they way they use a mig.

Several times during the show, a few of the different guys were welding with a mig with no helmet. Either with just sun glasses or no eye protection at all, they would line up the welder then look away and/or close there eyes when they pulled the trigger.

Seems pretty stupid to me and a bad example for the young and inexperienced watchers who may pick up a habit like that.

I know the show is really kind of staged. But I kind of think that this really is common practice for these guys. You would think they would have learned the hard way by now.

You are right those shows are staged and really nothing short of just plain phony, I never bother to watch them anymore. As far as blind tacking with a MIG people do that all the time and I have been guilty of it myself but the fact is it is a dumb thing to do for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is the welder is just guessing at what he is doing. It may not be as dangerous as it first seems because no one actually looks at the arc (not after they have done it a couple of times anyway ) and the only UV exposure they get is a very short flash to any exposed skin on the head and neck, which is bad enough but not likely to cause much of a problem if only done occasionally. Having said that I will add that it is still a DUMB trick and is usually done because the welder is just simply too dang lazy to put his helmet on just to do a couple of small tacks, why those guys on tv do it is beyond me. Bottom line is DON'T DO THAT!! just like grinding without safety glasses, or worse using a cutting torch without them, sooner or later it is bound to get you.
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