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Oh man! Memories hahaha! Back when I was like a freshman in high school, I was workin for a place that fabricated custom semi trailers. Well, one day I was weldin crossmembers inside of an enclosed trailer, and since it was so dark in there I just couldnt use the mask, so as smart as I was, I was welding at a high voltage with no protection, just starin at the arc. Well, I thought it would be ok, but about six hours later, my eyes started to itch real bad. Big deal, right? But later that night, I woke up in seriously the WORST PAIN EVER! I tried the potato crap, I tried the wet towels, and nothin worked. I ended up spending the entire night rubbing my eyes as hard as I could with a washcloth just to subside it cuz everytime i blinked it felt like my eyelids were lined with 30 grit sandpaper. And when I went to school the next day I was pretty much blind and all my teachers kept sendin me to the office cuz they thought I was on hardcore drugs! Eventually it went away and I still have 20/20 vision, but the lesson is, just try to avoid the situation altogether and where your mask when your welding or torching, nomatter how long youve been doin it, cuz none of those remedies work like they are supposed to lol!
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