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normally I'd read the whole thread to see if someone covered my thoughts already but after two pages my eyes feel like the have arc flash. first of all let me start off saying I weld everyday so in other areas I might not know so much but with this I know alot. out of 7 years of welding I've only experience arc flash maybe 2-3 times. you should be able to weld without getting arc flash. also it is your responsibility, you the welder, to make sure no one around you gets arc flash. only weld with equipment that is in proper working condition, welding hood with no light leaks,no cracks,etc. stingers without damaged insulators , you get the point there are stupid things that can cause flash just because of equip. thats in poor condition. wear gloves, long sleeve cotton or leather, no polyester or plastics, welding sleeves work too. or if your really hot sunblock on your arms, though this is a bad combo with sweat oil and filings from a cutoff saw sticking to your arm. do not wear a white t shirt half the time people get flashed or rocked eyes its because of a white or light colored shirt reflecting the light to the inside of your lens burning your face and eyes and they don't even know thats what caused it. you can also use a hood bib. I have welded with no shirt barefooted, not very smart, a red hot ball between your toes is learning the hard way, which reminds me if you weld over head or under a car or whatever wear ear plugs because its not fun to hear the wax in your ear sizzle . if you have a auto hood which most everyone does make sure the lens covers are clean a dirty lens can block the light sensors resulting in getting flashed. becareful welding in odd positions with a auto hood it can turn off in the weld light gets blocked from the sensors
( usually the reasoned I get flashed). wear glasses chipping slag, hot slag in your eye can result in blindness. I wear safety glasses under my hood unless its cold and they fog up. here is what to do if you do get flashed, I have heard potatoes work, in welding class that was actually home work, to put slices on your eyes for twenty min. and write a paper on how they feel after. I did not do it though. I found what works best for me is drops I got which are actually called eye lubricant, but visene helps also. second if you can get out of the light go to a dark room or wear your #5's. I saw something about milk some where on here, I don't think milk is for your eyes, I've heard to drink a bunch of milk if you accidently breath in galv smoke, which is very dangerous amongst other very toxic fumes assosiated with welding, another thing you should know about before you weld on something. another misnomer I have seen alot.. a guy cutting grinding all day with out glasses and at the end of the day complaining about arc flash when he really got dirt or filings in his eyes. getting metal drilled out of your eye is no fun, I always wear glasses even if I have to stop to find them because I misplace them which happens. bottom line if your eyes really bother you you should go to the doc..urgent care.. er whatever. your eyes are valuable I trip out on how people get into a rush without glasses on think about it what would you do if you were blind and think of all of the blind people that don't have a choice WEAR EYE PROTECTION, prevent flash. your eye is one of the fastest healing parts on your body, if they bother you for more then a day see a doc, there something wrong. if you cut your finger off would you tape it back on with a band aid?[IMG]
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