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I do not disagree with anything you said and you have good advice there however I would like to add a couple of things.

[QUOTE=mike's hotrods]. "if you have a auto hood which most everyone does make sure the lens covers are clean a dirty lens can block the light sensors resulting in getting flashed. becareful welding in odd positions with a auto hood it can turn off in the weld light gets blocked from the sensors."

Just for the record those hoods offer full UV protection even in the lightened phase and although it is a bit uncomfortable you will NOT get a flash burn from those things failing to go dark. Back when they first came on the scene there was quite a bit of concern about this but as the Jackson field rep told us "if there was ANY way you could burn your eyes from the light/rays entering that lens, dark or light, the product liability and workman's comp lawyers would put us out of business PDQ!" So even if it is a bit un-nerving when one fails to darken it is nothing to be concerned about and you will not get "flashed". There are all kinds of BS urban legend type sob stories around about some poor worker who did not want to use one but had to because his employer required it and then went blind because it was faulty and did not darken fast enough , pure BS!

[QUOTE] " in welding class that was actually home work, to put slices on your eyes for twenty min."

That instructor was just plain STUPID!! and I have to wonder what other welding non-sense he taught. Also if anyone got an eye infection from doing that non-sense he probably had grounds for a good law suit against the school and that "instructor".

[QUOTE] "I saw something about milk some where on here, I don't think milk is for your eyes, I've heard to drink a bunch of milk if you accidently breath in galv smoke"

That one is another very popular old welding MYTH but this one can KILL you! Milk MIGHT offer some relief from an upset stomach but if you are sick from Zinc poisoning that upset stomach is the least of your worries! If after welding on galvanized metal you start getting sick (the upset stomach is just the first symptom) then get to a doctor fast, VERY fast! If you experience a tightness in your chest you very well may have a fatal dose (You can die from this as much as a week after exposure) and it does not take a lot to do this and I guarantee milk is not going to save you!

This is one of the stupidest myths about welding safety.

[QUOTE] "another misnomer I have seen alot.. a guy cutting grinding all day with out glasses and at the end of the day complaining about arc flash when he really got dirt or filings in his eyes."

What you are saying here is true HOWEVER it is possible to get a flash burn from a welding torch, contrary to popular belief. It is much harder to do but given enough time it will happen, faster when brazing than just cutting or welding. Like you said particles in the eyes are the worst hazard here but the solution is the same for both problems- WEAR EYE PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES!!!
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