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"I saw something about milk some where on here, I don't think milk is for your eyes, I've heard to drink a bunch of milk if you accidently breath in galv smoke"

That one is another very popular old welding MYTH but this one can KILL you! Milk MIGHT offer some relief from an upset stomach but if you are sick from Zinc poisoning that upset stomach is the least of your worries! If after welding on galvanized metal you start getting sick (the upset stomach is just the first symptom) then get to a doctor fast, VERY fast! If you experience a tightness in your chest you very well may have a fatal dose (You can die from this as much as a week after exposure) and it does not take a lot to do this and I guarantee milk is not going to save you!

This is one of the stupidest myths about welding safety.

What you are saying here is true HOWEVER it is possible to get a flash burn from a welding torch, contrary to popular belief. It is much harder to do but given enough time it will happen, faster when brazing than just cutting or welding. Like you said particles in the eyes are the worst hazard here but the solution is the same for both problems- WEAR EYE PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES!!!
well explained. I'm glad you clarified the milk thing, that is just a myth, if you ever weld on galv or other metals with toxins be very cautious, in fact don't do it unless you know what your doing, I talked to a guy who was on dialysis for six months from inhaling toxins produced from welding, he is actually a pretty smart dude but welded without a resporator and payed dearly for it, in fact hes lucky he did not die. however I was not aware of the uv protection on auto hoods, thats good to know all though I'd still advise keeping the lens cleaned for the sensors. the potatoes thing just seems silly to me, that eye lubricant works good, but see a doc. your right about people not using #5 while gas welding or cutting. I recently bought a new hood, I want to know what you guys think? while at the welding store they told me its a nono to use a standard auto hood with no adjustment for tig welding, so I bought that miller one thats blue with the flag on it, it is a nice hood and I don't regret buying it, but did I get juked ? why can't you use a hood with no sensitivity adjust for tig?
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