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Blackdog 07-24-2006 09:57 PM

Burned out on Hotrods
I'm 57 and I've been customizing and building cars and trucks most of my life. I just sold 2 of my projects, a restored and modified '72 Scout and a custom '67 Chev C-10. This is the first time my garage has been empty. I guess I reached a point in my hobby where I'm totaly burned out and I'm looking for a change. I just rebuilt a '69 Johnson outboard motor, that was fun, but I really do need a big project.

So this is my plan. I'm gong to build a street legal 4X4 rock crawler. It will be based on a Jeep TJ. It will be late model Vett powered, 4L60 tranny with an Atlas transfer case. It will wear 35" (or 37") tires with a 6' lift. I'll use a Dana 44 in the front and a Dana 60 in the back. High tech all the way. I'll build it with alot of proven rock crawling products but I'll baby it instead of beat it.

This is just a diversion until I'm ready for another custom street machine. I'm in the mood for something outragous. Any better ideas?

Classix_Lover 07-24-2006 10:03 PM

That sounds like a really cool idea! :thumbup: Everyone get's burned out with working on cars every so often, hell, I'm only 18 and I get burned out with working on my car sometimes since I'm always working on other people's cars instead of working on my own which is what I prefer, I just don't get paid to do so :sweat: :P

Ideas for something outrageous?? Hmm.. I'm thinking something along the lines offfff.. hmm.. how about tossing a motor into a golf cart? :D :D I'm sure you would have a lot of fun with that and the rewards would be grannnddd once all the work is done on it. Probably not terrible on price either, especially if you could use some junkyard parts.

jimfulco 07-25-2006 02:00 AM***-94452.html

Blackdog 07-29-2006 01:13 PM

A jet powered VW is cool but not my style. I still have a '69 Chev SWB C-10 and a 76 Terra that are both 90% finished. I really should complete them before I start the Jeep project. A couple things I've learned over the years is "one project at a time" and "have a ton of money before you begin". So, I may sell the Chev and the Terra after their completed to fund the new project (I can see 20K getting spent real fast).

My well equipped shop is still empty. I hope to be over the "burnt out" mode by fall and ready to tackle another project.

HemmiGremmie 07-29-2006 01:42 PM

Crushrman3 had a nice idea years back.
Lift a big Caddilac convertible up on a 4X4 body and cruise it around. Use an older one with the 472 or 500cc engine on 38's or 44's. Way cool. Hg

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