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E.Furgal 10-18-2012 05:51 AM

burr it's getting cold
I have a one car garage.. with no unsulation.. and not much in the way of heat..
we get winter weather in the teens to 30's , not cold for some.. but it's darn cold..
my queston is I have some carhart sweatshirts/pants etc.. but they are quite thick.. limiting arm useage when you need to get your hand in a small spot.. and I end up taking the sweatshirt off.. because of that..
1) is their anything thinner that isn't ski gear thats an arm and a leg.. that I'll just kill working on my car /truck?
2) glooves.. mechanic wear. has many.. the one set I bought the stiching started to come out within a week.. bum luck or?

I've found that a hotplate (the type you'd put food pans on at the holidays..) works good at keeping the tools your using toasty so my hands don't freeze from 18* steel..

insulating the garage would be ideal.. not in the cards this year..
I do have a tube heater that runs off propane.. and has a fan that blows the air around.. haven't used it because it's kinda pointless.. with not way for the heat to stay inside..

my ears get cold but my head mosttimes doesn't.. even without a winters hat.. going to use my over ears cordless headphones this year to see if they help.. but they are not totally over ear..

basicly if I can keep my ears/fingers/toes warm I'm good to go..

open to all ideas..

455olds 10-18-2012 07:04 AM

I live where it gets below zero a couple times a year at least. I have a wood stove but I wear thermal underwear bottoms and tops like I wore when I was a logger. I also use a hand warmer when I steelhead fish, they come in several sizes and are re usable. I use a portable propane heater with one burner that I keep close when I work far from the fire, it keeps the chill off.

timothale 10-18-2012 07:26 AM

radiant heater
I remember a few years ago when 0 * F was the warmest it got one month, Never above 40 * below for a week. as soon as we get things wrapped up on the farm we are going to sunny Calif to see the kids, and a new grand baby, The biggest mistake I made when building the new shop on the place 300 miles south where we spent the winter was not putting in radiant heat tubes in the work end floors. Radiant heaters works best, it warms you not the air, I have even wondered about using an old water bed heater, stitching up a heavy cover and using it as a mat to lay on

OneMoreTime 10-18-2012 07:28 AM

The polypropelene underwear works well for me with just a regular shirt and pants...the mechanic gloves from napa have held up as I wore holes in them before the stitchings let loose..I do have a propane heater that I light about 20 minutes before I go to work that helps a lot..


dinger 10-18-2012 08:40 AM

This place is where I shop when I want quality and a workable clothing.
Men's Workwear, Women's Work Wear, Work Clothing

They're not cheap but you cannot beat the quality. I buy all my T-shirts there, online. They last forever, I have a few that have been washed 200 plus times and no fraying, a little faded is all. Check them out. They have some work jackets that have built in stretchability. (is that a word?.lol) Dan

AutoGear 10-18-2012 11:12 AM

Here in upstate NY we can easily see 20 below for a few days at a time. You want the quilted carhartt not the blanket lined stuff. I also like the gloves from napa. If you're in snowmobile climate; look for glove liners that wick away moisture. Same thing with socks and your 'base layer' (long underwear). They also make insulated jeans and sweatshirts (have a long underwear style lining)
I use my snowmobiling jacket from a few years ago as my shop coat when I buy a new snowmobile jacket and pants. However these have a nylon outer with waterproofing....not exactly fire friendly so if theres heat involved, I reach for the carhartt.
Also, a foam mat, like for Yoga; helps because you get an airspace between you and the floor.

BE CAREFUL with kerosene or propane small spaces, lack of good oxygen may be a problem. As a kid on the farm, I found working infront of the salamander heater; I got tired quickly...lack of oxygen

Nonhog 10-18-2012 12:18 PM

Under car this helps Folding Mechanic's Pad

I have a heat lamp that I used before I added a heater. Its only good if you stand in front of it. But that was enough to keep me going.
I'd warm up now and then and that kept me going for hours.

Clothes depend on the level of activity. Sometimes I'm peeling layers others not.

LATECH 10-18-2012 06:34 PM

Those 500 watt halogen worklights throw a lot of heat, and you can get a good tan from it (be careful)
Also , for break time, if you have room, toss an electric blanket on the easy chair in your shop( if you have one) and turn it on. Kinda helps warm the buns.
I have seen battery powered socks, they have been around for years.
I had a hand warmer when I was a Kid. I used to carry it when I went trapping , and sledding .Worked great

poncho62 10-18-2012 06:48 PM

I hibernate for the winter.....:D

E.Furgal 10-19-2012 06:14 AM


Originally Posted by poncho62 (Post 1600619)
I hibernate for the winter.....:D

thanks guys..

nfsjoe 10-22-2012 11:06 PM

Hey I see where you say insulating is not in the cards for you and assuming you mean lack of the green stuff we all like, but in wabash indiana there is a factory called thermafiber that maufacture insulation rolls and board style insulation of different varieties and at different times they offer it to the public for sale at ridiculous prices, I have used it in the past at other places and I did a small garage for less than 50 bucks, I don't know your location but I am sure there are more insulation places out there. hope this helps. thermafiber Toll Free: 888-834-2371 (U.S. & Canada) ; Phone: 260-563-2111

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