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C-4 shifting troubles

Yeah I was gonna suggest adjusting the Mod << When you Camm you Pull less vaccum at an Idle Generally speaking .
But on the shifter <<< Ive been this route on C-4 and C-6 Tranny's and Hurst shifters .
Trying too remember what it was I did ???????
Well from what I cant barely remember of them it seem's I built a plate for the Linkage .
Beleive it was a slider plate ?
But if you study on the linkage for Ford's that comes with Hurst shifter ?
It Suck's, as best I remember was a 1 size fitt's all .
3 or 4 rods connected together .
But some how I fabricated a plate reduced the amount of part's too 2 Rodd's and a Plate .
Well if I could see it I could remember what it was I did too it . << Worked out lott better than what came with the shifter .
But I simplified the one on my Ford truck . < as in less moving parts , More direct shift , Reduced the slopp considerably in the Linkage ETC .
Ohh well when it lock's up , or doesnt shift intoo gear all the way , or pop's loose ?
Study on it some !
As I remember I fabricated a Plate for my C-6 Tranny that worked super cool !
Or post a Pic of the tangled mess they sell with the shifter as Linkage ? Sean
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