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greyghost85 05-12-2013 09:28 PM

a/c questions
i have a 1985 chevy truck that im trying to install A/C in. it had factory A/C, and i know that the compressor mounted on the drivers side with those long hoses across the motor. is there anyway i can mount them on the passenger side and put the alternator on the drivers side? or was this the way the mounting was set up for that year model? if i can change it, what mounting brackets would i need, and where can i get them? thanks:D

spinn 05-12-2013 09:52 PM

On my 85 c10 the A/C was removed. I bought the truck and had to put it back. Ended up going with the factory compressor setup to keep costs down. There are after market kits and places that make custom high pressure and low pressure lines. Vintage air makes a smaller unit , and has some different brackets. Look around find out what have you found, and what do you need.

When I was putting it together one thing that I had trouble with was the accumulator .Was told it needed to be a 134a and the original replacement was for r12. I looked everywhere for a 85 accumulator superseded part for the 134a. Turns out it was the original r12 accumulator all along, and only required the adapter 134a fittings.

gearheadslife 05-12-2013 11:06 PM

the 71-2 c-10 the a/c is on pass side.. but used the long a/c compressor

my 86 g body is on driverside.

my guess is all sbc with the type a/c compressor you have will be driverside.. with v belts..

maybe look at the early 90's truck with serp belt..(94 is on pass side)
or vet

image is of a 94 s-10 4.3v6

sbc 350 with 2 cyl chopped off.

just remember these serp. set ups need a reverse waterpump.. and if using a mecanical fan.. you'll need a reversed one also

JeffB 05-13-2013 12:28 AM

If you were close to Phoenix,I could hook you up cheap I have a pass side compressor and brackets I have left over from a project I sold.

greyghost85 05-13-2013 07:47 PM

ok thanks for the help, and can anyone tell me what type of compressor i need for my truck and other parts i may need, im only 17, this is my first truck and im trying to figure it out. @spinn, i have seen custom ac lines on show trucks that run behind the motor, down the firewall, then back to passengerside then back to front, so i was curious if that was possible for me or if that is way to expensive. i like the look on my motor without the long hoses across it, but if its not possible i get it. thanks for the help

spinn 05-13-2013 08:18 PM

The lines aren't to bad price wise. A member offered to help, it could benefit the both of you to investigate the offer.

If it had AC , what is still there on the vehicle? Acculmutor, condenser in radiator, compressor, lines, o rings, controls, 134a fittings, wiring harness, Up idle solenoid on carb, and a bunch of other things not coming to mind. I found a donor and transferred it over.

This is a pic of the compressor on my c10. You can read the part number off the compressor threw the big picture in my journal .

That year has a busy engine compartment. In the stock location it doesnot look too bad.

greyghost85 05-13-2013 08:41 PM

i have the dryer, the controls, the blower motor, and the old evaporator core, so ill need everything new including the brackets

i have a 600 cfm edelbrock performer carb and im not sure if it has the idle switch for ac or not?

im just trying to figure out what all ill need to get it running and how to hook it up.

thanks for the help

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