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Originally Posted by Crosley View Post
Trans oil cooler is required. Return of oil from cooler into the open port in red circle... that return oil lubricates the transmission gears, bushings , thrust washers.... It would be same as running engine with no oil.

If you ran the engine with the trans attached and NO OIL in transmission .. you possibly burned up the transmission pump. Same as running an engine with NO OIL.

best of luck to you

thats what i thought, looks like ill be having another court case from the guy that sold it to me, so not happy atm =[ everything jst gets worse like **** sake! i brought a 1972 lincoln limo for everything i had i sold everything i owned to buy it, was up in the north island and im in the south i spent months asking questions from the guy about it and making sure everything was ok, brought it got it shipped down. ended up getting it wasn't road legal had massive massive structual rust everywhere! like honestly he told me it needed a new tire otherwise mint condition. spent the last 12months in court only to get back 1/8th of what i paid and was stuck with it, i then sold it for about 60% loss of all my money to some guy, which i was full honest about what it was like i took videos pictures everything of what it was like so there wasn't any suprises. when i found this car i done the same i rung the guy i even got my friend who lived near him to view it to make sure it was ok. yup everything sweet the guy said yep its certified for engine and gearbox but no its not the plates and tag are fake and dont even match the car. and said all it needs is driveshaft picked up which was $375. yup sweet, went to get the car he had stripped half the parts off it which he said was included. then i find the car had so much missing, i picked up the driveshaft when i got the car because he said thats all it was needed, was 10cm to short because he can't measure! but that was the least of my problems i spent my last $1000 on buying a hei dizzy water pump water pump belt alternator gauges spark plugs accelerator cable and lots more bits. now to know that he probably blew the gearbox before i even got it because he took videos of it running . . . which of course had no waterpump or belt or trans fluid and linkage stuck in first gear so now i probably got a blown trans + i think i have a cracked head or head gasket because the radiator is way to much under pressure when the water isnt hot and the car misses lots, i thought it just needed a tune but no.

**** SAKE now i have nothing no vehicle nothing to get around in. over society here i hope its not like this everywhere in the world. every ****ers out for money and to scam everyone, im going to ring him soon and tell him to give my money or ill be taking him to court for representation which i will win because i saved all my questions and his answers and my mate is a witness. i was hoping i could just do everything on it and still have a car that at least drives but by the sounds of things iv got a body with no plates or tags an engine with a cracked head and a blown trans and a driveshaft 10cm to big.

!@#$%^& sorry i just feel better when i write **** down i dnt got no1 else to complain too and i jst get depressed if i dont tell someone lol.

im going to borrow a compression tester to try ease my pain but i doubt its guna help
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