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lil-vulky 10-19-2012 01:51 AM

C6 Transmission?
Not 100% sure on this but anyways was told i got a c6 transmission just the factory auto gearbox that goes with the ford 460bigblock.

but my question is with the gearbox linkage how it goes up or down . . . which way is to put it in park? just curious because mines not hooked up yet and the linkage bit on the transmission is sitting at the top which i assume is park? but not sure if its in park or in 1st . . .

because there isnt much transmission fluid in the tranny yet and iv started my engine a few times not for long just to sort out the points etc but im worried it might have been in 1st gear instead of park and the no trans fluid will break might break gearbox? ..... also does it matter if i start it with none/very little trans fluid if its in park and not moving just to tune the engine

any info on this would be great :) i can put trans fluid in but got to sort out my dipstick holder leak first otherwise it just all leaks out and it'l be a waste so just left it for now thinking its not going to harm it but im not sure . .

timothale 10-19-2012 07:41 AM

finding park
On most automatic transmissions you can hold out your hand with your fingers spread, the space between park and reverse should be like the space between your thumb and index finger.The spacing between N, D, D1, Lo is the same. The exception was on the early Ford C 6, the spacing between all the positions was the same. A few people got killed when they thought they had the trans lever in park but they were in the space between park and reverse, get out with the engine running. emergency brake not set, bump shift lever,it would move into reverse . the car would back up running over you.

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