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beachbum0 12-10-2012 12:44 PM

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before I asked,serched comp cam's spec.sheet and a rep said thumper was a little much for my set up.He said to try cam # 12-210-2 hyd.flat tappet. My question is , has any one used this cam ? Don't mind a little miles pe gal.spent for that choppy idle. Have 305,headers 650 [4165 carb], dull plane stock spread bore intake, 6 AL dist. stock heads with beehive srings and roller tip rockers.Also stock bore,pistons,and going to run a 200R4 trans if I can find one for the right price for the overdrive. Thanks.

BigEd36 12-11-2012 03:03 AM

I haven't personally run that cam, the Comp High Energy 268H, but I remember reading that it's Comp Cams' biggest selling cam, so lots of guys run it. With .454" lift, 268* advertise, 218* @ .050", 110* LSA it has a good combination of lift, duration, and lobe spacing angle to give a nice power increase in the lower compression ratio "smog era" engines. It also gives a slightly choppy idle for a nice sound. Here's a youtube video of a 305 stock 305 with an HE268.

hcompton 12-11-2012 05:32 AM

thumpr is a big cam even the smallest one is pretty big for a 305. They are made to make 350 motors lump around so for 305 they can be a bit much.

compression ratio is a big deal with larger cams. If you have a cam that is too large with low cr it will not perform.

Th700R4 is a better choice unless you really want to spend the bucks. You can buy then built nd complete for 700 bucks ready to drop in the car with shift kits and all the toys. a proper built 200r4 that will take 300 abusive hp is alot more cash. You do get something for your trade as it is smaller lighter and uses less power to turn it over. But a proper built 200r4 can cost 1500 2 grand for something you can depended on. 700r4 can be rebuilt with strong parts for that kind of money.

cdminter59 12-11-2012 05:53 AM

I not putting the XE268H camshaft down but I like the XE262H better. 12-238-2 - XTREME Energy Compare the dyno sheets from both cams at Comps website. The smaller cam makes more torque and horsepower. The less lift the less wear on parts.

beachbum0 12-11-2012 06:43 AM

Thank's for info, but after looking at the two cams ,isn't the 268H smaller than the XE262H ?

beachbum0 12-11-2012 06:50 AM

sound clip
Hay Bigend 36 Thanks, was looking for sound clip with that cam but couldn't find it. Sounds good ::D

beachbum0 12-11-2012 06:57 AM

Im not a trany guy but was told it was lighter and if I could find one, shop in town said could rebuild for 600.00 with a little stronger stuff,will never see drag race, just a cruser. And to think I sold one by accident for 75.00 thinking it was somthing different.

cdminter59 12-11-2012 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by dirtyfingers (Post 1621536)
Thank's for info, but after looking at the two cams ,isn't the 268H smaller than the XE262H ?

The 12-238-2, XE262H-10 is the smaller cam. .462/.469 lift and 218/224 duration @ .050. LSA-110 ICL-106* 415 ft. lbs @ 3700 rpm, 348 hp@ 5300 rpm, 17.5 hg @ 800 rpm vacuum The 12-242-2, XE268H-10 .477/.480 lift and 224/230 duration @ .050 LSA-110 ICL-106* 413 ft. lbs @3800 rpm, 342 hp@ 5000 rpm, 15.5 hg. @ 800 rpm vacuum

beachbum0 12-11-2012 11:41 AM

Im sorry for the mix up but we were not talking about the 12-242-2. My questions were diected to the 12-210-2

dwwl 12-12-2012 09:06 AM

the 200 4r is not hard to rebuild just get the book and do it slowly taking your time. I built one. first one i've ever built. took a log time because i studies the web. didn't build mine for racing built it for my 1977 concours nova hatchback that i bought new and now enjoying since i retired. it runs great. extra clutched wide band bigger valves homemade deeper pan 4l60 filter 10 vane relieved pump . alot of other little stuff to make ilt right. slid cross member back and notched the tang so reach pan bolts. I'm just about done rebuilding a second one for the fun of it. Did't keep track of how much ive spent but thing i've got about 650 in the first one and the second one will cost less, since i have left over part from the other one. I found all four of my 200 4r on craigs list for $50.00 each as cores. good hunting and have fun all my tranys were from 1986 montes that were not ss's and had cr f on the tags they are out there.

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