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offroadin 06-21-2004 09:15 PM

Cam for 460 EFI? EFI - Does it matter?
Hi guys,

We are going to rebuild the 460ci out of our '88 F-250. It runs well but only has 130psi in one of the cylinders and burns oil.

Anyways here is the question.

Cam cam cam?

Ive been doing some simulations with desktop dyno to find an appropriate cam. Ive only been looking at Comp Cams due to them having a good description of each one as well as specs etc.

Here are the 3 cams i've been looking at.

The 260H, X4262H and the XE256H.

Now the last one forementioned is under a section called Computer COntrolled.

The 460 is EFI so does that mean that I will have to use this cam? Or will other mild cams such as the 260H work with the stock computer as well?

The truck is mainly used for hauling, towing a 5th wheel, trailers etc. No racing or anything like that. The rebuild will be mild.

So should I just stick with the Cam designed for EFI or are there other options. I would be grateful if you could list some other cams that would work.

Thanks in advance,

trees 06-22-2004 06:25 AM

Cam changing on an EFI motor will require a chip change in the computer. Cam has major impact on opening/closing of valves and since fuel and spark delivery is married to this opening and closing event, the computer has to initiate the event at the precise time, or it will run like a dog. An example is ordering a Edelbrock Pro Flo system: they want your cam data in order to provide you with the correct chip for the computer. After installation, the instruction manual provides additives for more cubic inches or subtraction for less cubic inches. The basic system is for a small block Chevy/Ford or big block Chevy?Ford.


TurboS10 06-22-2004 06:49 AM

Trees is correct. If you change the cam profile, you will need to reprogram or rechip the ECU so it will properly work with the changes. If the cam profile that you select does not have a preprogrammed chip for it available it will take a custom chip.


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